One-armed bandit, Puggy, Fruity, Pokie – whatever you call it, the popularity of Slots is huge. They’ve evolved so much over the years, especially in the digital age. From humble beginnings with three reels and mediocre prizes to video Slots with eye-catching graphics and mega jackpots – we can’t get enough. Software developers churn out title after title, and in an online casino like this one:, you’ll find a whole library of different categories. Here, we’ll take look at the most popular themes and the reasons why we love them.

  1. Ancient History & Mythology

Learning about ancient history and mythology is fascinating. There are so many different periods in time and different groups of people to consider. From the ancient Egyptians and Romans to the Vikings – and not forgetting Greek and Norse mythology. Wouldn’t it be cool to travel back in time and get a flavour for what life was like? Well, with these specially-themed Slots you can – sort of.

As you’d expect, ancient history and mythology-themed Slots contain elements associated with that particular period. Ancient Egyptian games will most likely have a pyramid backdrop, with Cleopatra an important symbol, and other relevant symbols such as scrolls, scarab beetles and gems. Norse-themed Slots will contain iconic Gods such as Loki, Thor and Odin, as well as symbols including the bow & arrow, helmet and hammer.

  1. Classic

Despite all the new and sometimes obscure themes of Slots, you cannot go wrong with the classic. A throwback to the retro machines that we use to love and play, the fruit symbols are still evident. But it isn’t just cherries, lemons and watermelons – other retro symbols like the Liberty Bell (named after one of the earliest machines) and precious gems are there too.

We love these games because of the nostalgia associated with them. They are easy to play, much like the original games that consisted of three reels and five pay-lines. But for those that like a challenge, you can find the classic Slots theme in other games with five or more reels. If you’re peachy for grapes, you’ll enjoy titles such as Fruit Stack and Mystery Reels.

  1. Culture

Asian and Irish-themed Slots are particularly popular, which is interesting because these are two of the cultures most associated with luck.

The phrase ‘luck of the Irish’ is often used, but Ireland is synonymous with a host of lucky emblems, including shamrocks and leprechauns. Irish-themed games will, of course, consist of a lot of green, most likely a backdrop of rolling hills or a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Many will remember the popular Rainbow Riches from fixed-odds betting terminals (FOBTs). Larry O’Leary has transformed into a series of Video Slots, perfect if you love the classics but want a new way to play.

The Chinese are firm believers in good fortune, which is why they love casino games of chance. Not only do they believe in lucky numbers and colours, but the Chinese also swing for fengshui (based on the belief that the way you arrange things can affect certain aspects of your life, such as happiness and success). Asian-themed games will contain a lot of red and gold – associated with luck and wealth.

The symbols will be stereotypical – with leprechauns, pints of Guinness and pots of gold in Irish-themed games, and panda bears, koi fish and waving cats in Asian-themed Slots. Many believe that the Irish and Chinese are lucky and by playing a themed Slot will hope that this good fortune rubs on to them.

  1. Film & TV

Casino and pop culture go together like fish and chips. Not only do our favourite TV shows, football and films feature scenes from the casino, but now the casino has slot machines based on our favourite TV shows, fresh football games and films. It’s all about familiarity and you’re more likely to play a game based on your likes or preferences. Whether it’s a popular game show (Deal or No Deal), an intense series (Game of Thrones), a comedy (Family Guy) or a film franchise (Batman, Rocky or Star Wars), you’ll find a slot for it.

The best thing about these particular themes of Slots games is the associated theme music, video clips that appear on-screen , and the symbols themselves. Film and TV Slots combine the best of both worlds.

There you have it, some of the most popular themes of Slots. Of course, you’ll find many more out there, some of which are more obscure. But if you’re looking to play a new game, you’ll find plenty of choice – no matter what your preference.

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