Waje should keep her trap shut, I mean it with all the elements of disrespect.

Senior Artistes like Waje amongst few are those that have chosen to be a failure in role modeling for generation after, sad part is they even fail to secure their own, posterity in view coz of their terrible choices fueled by selfishness, naivety & ignorance, always chasing that quick money over value, real growth, building legacies.

I’ll tell you a short story maybe you’ll see where I’m coming from. Around 2014/15 I was out of Uni back to the street, asked myself what to do. Go back to T/mgt or get employed make money. Something kept pushing me to follow my heart, and what this heart yarns for is entertainment. So i started emailing brands, Waje amongst few other popular artists then to work with/for them. Not even to make money but have a platform to express my knowledge & grow. None gave me chance but Eclipse West Africa Home for Poe, Zainab Balogun and Eku with Lynxx even though it was a short experience as my employer started being unbearable and I resigned.

My biggest lesson was, creatives are more driven by quick money over building legacies and adding values. Sad thing for them is, money can finish but legacies, values and growth will always pave way for you if you concentrate on it. Building an intelligent team, having a valuable brand is much sustainable than fame and money.

Though I wasn’t so experienced and apt like I am today those years, I had this understanding that chasing money isn’t sustainable but building values.

See not even upto 5years down the lane, who is crying? The annoying part is she will now use her own reggae to affect the blues of new investors, creatives that are hoping for a career in the industry, discouraging them. I’ll tell you this is how those Nollywood big boys of the year 1998/2010 felt about the movie industry but they can see that there were ways to monetize the industry they are just not equipped/patient enough because the industry is booming without them today. All they can do is colabo with smart intelligent strategist like myself more opportunities abound. There are musicians doing good music making enough, get yourself educated or gather real team not those fast money managers y’all chase about that help you to gather what your worth can and leave you stranded when they’ve sucked you worthless.

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