Transactional sex (TS) is a superset of prostitution, in that the exchange of gifts for sex includes a broader set of obligations that do not necessarily involve a predetermined payment or gift, but where there is a definite motivation to benefit materially from the sexual exchange.

This is what Falz is on fire for preaching against. But my own concern is he broaden it down to prostitution meanwhile there are more cases of transactional sex that is way sophisticated than prostitution. If you ever get a sexual urge because a guy got you a gift or promise to treat you to things you can’t afford and you open your leg for him, you’ve committed TS. As a guy your only condition to treat a woman to good sex or loving is after a plate of food or meet your desire in material things , uncle you just committed TS.

Let’s get back to Falz, I find it very disgusting when people will drag you in the mud for your own opinion that you are not planning to force down anyone’s throat. For crying out loud Falz isn’t saying don’t do what you want to do, but he is saying he detest TS.

Sometimes what is right for you is wrong for others. For Falz it might be 1. Personal experience with ladies that want TS, 2. Morality or 3. He can’t afford it or feel it’s not sustainable.
However I believe the people that are supportive of TS will say 1. Putting a price for it to be valuable, 2. They do it for living(means of livelihood) and 3. A habit some can’t control

For the record if the society can embrace fraudsters(Yahoo yahoo) then we should equally let Aristos be for double standard sake. I’ve seen women with children into yahoo judging another whose child is a runs girl. What’s the difference?

Sadly this war is meant to be taken to the doorsteps of the people that suffer us with limited option of survival, the government. Fraud and Aristo should be at the bottom of the ladder of options for survival after so many other decent options. And I am very sure Falz addressed all that in the same album that have the TS conversation in. Unfortunately we’ve chosen the one that matters to us most and it’s transactional sex. #WeCanDoBetter

Lastly regards morals, what is moral is what you feel good after and what is immoral is what you feel bad after. It begins in the mind, our conscience.

Akinyele SolChild #UnpopularViews

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