Note!! This is a fiction! Not Real

I gave my life to Christ officially at the age of 16 (5th of Feb, 20000000) after I finished my secondary school. People thought I did that because I wanted to have a good result, but trust me, I really didn’t  know why I gave my life to Christ, but I was happy I did, sha. (Chai, pastors’ work no be beans, oo). Even my family members were surprised about my sudden change from being the GOOD one to VERY GOOD one or from anything, jere.
Some months after I gave my life to Christ, my result came out and I had 7 c’s, 3 b’s and 2 d’s …. JESUS!!!!!!! I couldn’t believe my eyes because I thought giving my life to Christ would give me a very very very good result but wasn’t surprised because I know I be OLODO. I was asked to choose the university I would attend (Choi! The decision wasn’t easy because going to a federal university would make me backslide (The Thought)  but going to a Christian Uni would make me grow more in Christ) so I decided to go to one of the best Christian schools in my Country, thinking that was the best choice not to backslide.
I couldn’t believe what I saw at the back and front of some ladies when I entered the Christian school I thought would make me grow in Christ. I didn’t give much attention, but trust me, my eyes gave more than 100% attention to every possible things that could make my something STAND. “I cast you away, spirit of Satan”: that was what I said to myself when I couldn’t concentrate on what I was meant to do. I was allocated to a room that same day and I couldn’t imagine how the Hell I got into the same room with some nasty friends (They were huge! Tall and happened to be my seniors). I wasn’t bothered because “He that is in me is bigger/taller than them “……. YOU CAN’T GREET YOUR ELDERS? **I almost fainted immediately I heard the voice, thought the devil was in my room, not knowing it was one of the Giants in the room** I couldn’t say anything, but immediately bowed down to greet the 3 musketeers. To cut the tragic story short, they collected 98% of my provision.
Some months after I resumed, I got so close to these niggas that don’t go for their classes, don’t go to church nor attend any school programs, but were very good when it comes to leaving school to shayo and turn UP/DOWN/MIDDLE/BACK. I started backsliding like a sports man but didn’t give up on Christ because without him I wouldn’t have had that result because I be OLODO.
One day, I woke up and noticed the weather was “Weather for 1million” I rushed down to get water to BAFF. I got to the room and one of my confirmed roommates told me “You no dey get tire of class?” I answered him with a pity face “I am tired but….”Couldn’t say much because I was still sleepy but didn’t know how to skip my class. I was convinced to miss that class that day oo, na so I begin dey miss class. I stopped praying every morning and started jamming HIP HOP madt jams.
Choi! “Hin no go better for Christian Life oo” that was my MOTTO after getting close to my roomies. I missed class so Tey, I changed my name to CLASS STREET. I started drinking and going for parties and totally gave up on what I came to university to do. We decided to go for one night house party and I went to shop for that party because I wanted to catch some stupid girl with wise YANCH.
On getting to the party, guess who I saw? I saw my pastor’s 16 year old daughter… JESUS!!!! Did this girl bring gospel to a night party?? (I asked myself that foolish question). She saw me and said “Oh boy, what are you doing here?” I answered inside, and said “IDIOT I CAME TO SELL RICE AND BEANS” after seeing 2 bottles of Hennessey in my hand. Well, we came here to turn up (Generalising both of us). We laughed and laughed until we laughed ourselves inside the Bedroom and laughed for 4/5rounds. DAMN I couldn’t believe my eyes after we *****d ourselves. “Nobody called Jesus, but her moaning was more romantic than the voice she use whenever we are in church. We promised each other not to say a word about it to anyone.
I left the party and came back to school drunk! Nobody knew what was happening, but my guys and I knew the koko!
Exams were in 2 weeks, and I didn’t have much knowledge about what they had been doing in class. “GOD I need you more than anything now” said that to myself. I started reading, because I didn’t want to fail, but all my efforts were in vain because I kept seeing the scenario of myself and pastor’s daughter. My roommates told me not to worry about the exams and thought me what I will.. CHOI! I got them CHICKEN and CHIPS that night because I thought I was on the right track!
Examination came and ended. Oh yea people, I failed all my courses oo but the funny thing was that, my roommates passed all and graduated.
Please Don’t be deceived!!! I wrote this to explain and open our eyes to many things happening in our schools. You don’t have to join bad gang/s to enjoy your stay in school, be focused in school and make yourself proud. THIS ISNT REAL! JUST A fiction BY ME
Written by :: @RealBabyMouth

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