Last night, the Democratic rule in Turkey was threatened after a military coup erupted and a faction on NTV television said that “the power in the country has been seized in its entirety.” Tanks filled the streets and copters loomed above. Heavy gunshots ricocheted around the biggest cities – Ankara and Istanbul. The soldiers reportedly blocked bridges and roads in the capital. For a few hours it was unclear who had a firm grip on the country. However, live updates on social media, plus reports from top media houses, painted the true picture of events. See the top eight updates:

  1. 17 police officers killed in a helicopter attack
Credit: NYT

Credit: NYT

According to the New York Times, seventeen police officers were gunned down in an helicopter attack at a special forces police station in Ankara. The NYT added that rival factions of the Turkish military were engaged in a shoot out.

Also, an F-16 fighter jet reportedly shot down a helicopter belonging to the forces attempting the coup.

2. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan addresses the country through Facetime.

Credit: CNN

Credit: CNN

According to CNN, Erdoğan used FaceTime in his interview with CNN Türk, and during the brief airtime, the beleaguered president rallied the people against the military coup. “Go to the streets and give them their answer,” Erdoğan said. “This was done from outside the chain of command. Those who are responsible, we will give them the necessary punishment.”

3. Turkish authorities clamp down on some of the military officers who attempted the coup

According to the Turkish Press Office, the country’s authorities apprehended some of the officers who attempted the coup.

4. Soldiers storm CNN Turk, to stop them from broadcasting live

While some of the military officers are being apprehended, another faction stormed the offices of the CNN, to stop them from broadcasting updates to the world. “That’s it, we now have to go,” a news anchor said before fleeing the studio.

5. Bomb blast at the Turkish Parliament

According to New York Times, twelve people were killed and at least two critically wounded after a bomb exploded at the Turkish Parliament in Ankara. Footage uploaded on Twitter showed the moment the bomb detonated. Also, yet another footage claimed another bomb exploded at same venue. The number of casualty is not yet known.

6. As promised, the President arrived the Ankara airport to join forces in resisting the coup. He would address the world live on MSNBC

7. CNN Turk anchors resume broadcasting

8. The attempted coup reportedly falters as more soldiers are apprehended. The President brims with confidence, assuring the world that the coup has failed.

Having asked people to take to the streets to fight for his democratically elected government, Erdogan reportedly says, “This has started today and this will end today.” According to TIME, the President “referred to the attempted coup as an ‘uprising, a betrayal movement,’ that originated from a small group within the military.” Meanwhile, see Erdogan’s statements from his TV interview:

While it is unclear if the military still has a grip on the country, updates claim the attempted coup has failed.

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