The music industry is known for plagiarism which weirdly has become like an acceptable thing amongst artiste.

But, even as acceptable as it has become, a lot of those whose songs are stolen, in a way get little or nothing out of this while some get like a minute or highest 30 minutes fame out of it.

Now, this trend is no stranger to even the biggest shot caller in the game as the reigning kings of the music industry tops this list

Today, we will be discussing five artistes who copied/stole some one or two of their hit songs/materials  from upcoming/top artistes in the industry

Now, before we get right into the post, please note that this is in no way a hate post, as I personally love all the artistes on the list. So, if you feel your fingers are itching so much you need to type a rude comment, kindly place them on your severely cracked wall, distorted kitchen sink or any barb wired fence.


  1. Tuface/Blackface/African Queen: This right here was like the epic of all song theft case in the history of the Nigerian music scene. The evergreen song, ‘African Queen’ powerfully rendered by Tuface became a smashing hit in no time, placing him in the hall of fame for legends in the entertainment industry. African queen not only topped charts, it went global. It became the song, Hollywood practitioners could directly link with Nigeria without as much as scattering their Ed Sheeran locks (Their brand of dread). Seeing how much fame Tuface got from this one song and is still getting, Blackface, one half of Plantashaun boys, Tuface’s former boy band group, rose up like Timon and Pumbaa, who are always on the look out for worms,  began ranting. He made it clear to everyone who would listen that he owned and wrote the song. Years after, even after the case seemed to have died down with Tuface reportedly paying for the said song, Blackfacestill stylishly makes reference to it, but can we blame him, its ‘African Queen’ that’s like the song that can change anyone’s career assuming you have the same charisma and humility likeTuface. Reports also claims that the song African Queen was actually sung by a Jamaican, Sizzla Kolonji in other words, Tuface stole a stolen song.
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