This article was originally published yesterday 13th day of october 2015..

Today 13th October 2015 i am a year older, Hurray!!! By tradition and popular sentiments birthdays are supposed to be a day of getting gifts, receiving love,compliments and merriment. I won’t be debating the rightness or wrongness of that, different people and different opinions. On that note you are about to read my opinion on some of your favorite people and mentors.

Truth is many times I have wished I was the one handling management for some artistes, models and actors/actress in the Nigeria Ent. Industry, cause I just believe that they deserve more than they get from their handlers.

If you are a true, vigilant fanatic of the Entertainment industry you’ll affirm my next statement without a need for debate. “There has never been any talented Nigerian artist, brand that end ties with their managers/mgt company who handles their affairs that really suffer a major blow in their career that lead to a disastrous down light of their career as entertainers? I am not talking ending ties with Record Label, don’t mix it. Especially in our music industry.”

You want to know why? Cause their success are always independent and can survive without the guy or company that manages them.

Who is a manager? What does it entail to run a Management outfit?

A professional manager discover talents, refine the talents and make it a commercial good. A good manager helps the brand he/she manages to make decisions that will supply growth to the brand. If possible managers influence personal lifestyle of their client as it apply to the progress of the brand.

A good manager should have top notch idea of the trade the client its managing is into. E.g a Modelling agency person should understand perfectly pretty well lifestyle and fashion. A music artiste manager should have deep sense of music and commercializing it.

A manager should be able to review and analyze the brand it’s handling even more than the brand understand itself. Making the brand useless in administrative depth but only concentrated in creating materials that will still go through cross-checking from an A&R.

A manager isn’t suppose to be caught carrying Cd’s for artiste, its the work of the Personal Assistant to do. He should be the creative head behind the creation of the Cd instead.

A manager should be able to think of PR strategy and career goals that will help the brand to climb to the top and keep the brand consistent not only in material but all rounder. Coaching and teaching the artist on how to keep up with the standard and even expose the brand with upgraded systems and help in mastering the acts.

And yes the only glorified duty of Nigerian manager which is the connection. A good manager should have on speed dial connect that can help in the growth of the brand. For a music manager , we talk of event and music promoters, media and consumers even colleagues of the brand for collaborations/projects.

All these and more that i might not have the luxury to mention on this article is what it entails to be a perfect brand manager or run a Management outfit.

It was easy for Davido to kick out Asa Asika of his team that year, if Asa Asika was really an important figure at HKN Music i was expecting Davido’s career to suffer a great management blow? But you and i can tell the rest of the story.. Even after Davido he hasn’t been able to put another brand on the limelight.A mediocre list of top managers was released sometimes back and the names on the list was unbelieveable. Godwin Tom was inclusive, I wouldn’t like to be called BadBelle for a minute, I wil throw it to you guys to show or pick 2 brand that Godwin Tom has groomed to stardom please. Same Godwin Tom was dropped by Wizkid and Waje in a period of less than 2yrs. Please what can be so hard in managing brand’s of that hierarchy of listing? Easiest to manage you’ll agree right? Famous already brands yeah? Just one or two things to keep the consistency.

I mentioned in one of my article’s that some brands are pioneers but that don’t qualify them as legend in the game they are in. Examples of this pioneers are Kenny Ogungbe, Efe Omorogbe and Sunday Are. I will credit these old G’s cause in the past they might have been able to take brands from nobody to stardom but at the level we are operating now all they can offer to a brand is the connect. Not sure they can offer a modern strategy, they are old niggaz in the game that have refuse to upgrade. Kenny Ogungbe Record Label and Management head for Kennis Music with his record and success stories from the past shouldn’t be caught struggling to put a talented act like Joel on a stable mainstream platform. Last I checked all the artiste under him as end ties with the label remaining one loyal one, I call him (JOEL)the President of the underground artiste. A position Oritse Femi occupied for many years until his breakthrough with Double Wahala.

Almost any person will offer Tuface what Efe Omorogbe offers him. Infact i don’t think the brand need him to manage affairs, all Tuface needed to do was to get distraction off his career and be focus with the priority which is making music and letting the scandals swallowing up his career be under control. After the EME separation many can say Wizkid is the man of many of his decisions. I am still unsure the duty of Sunday Are regarding Wizkid. Sunday Are that couldn’t save entertainment fans a big blow that fell upon the industry. If only he did his job well, making sure the managerial post he occupied wasn’t just a tittle in Mohits Record,in my opinion i want to believe he could have been able to save us from the break up of DonJazzy and D’banj.

You’ll need need more than 40 sheets of fulls-cap paper to convince me that Osagie is the brain behind the success of Raekado Banks and Skales. She can’t even make a very talented Shadeey and Niyola a super-brand. Smh.

Many would concur that Soso of Five Star deserves an Oscar for that brilliant stunt with Skibi,faking death to get a trend. I wasn’t even going to say anything about the stunt but the follow up after that unreliable stunt? For an artiste that don’t have a career yet, death stunt? How do you kill what never existed? If Skibi is going to make a penny as an entertainer he would have to try comedy.

Was making an inquiry with a guy last week, he works for a Record Label that signed this promising talented artist that I have had my eyes on until his sudden disappearance, before I could say two things this kid was already schooling me on the industry, i was like the heck this kid about? Who are you and what education/right have you to analyze the industry?

Just nobody can’t be throwing nonconstructive ideas up and down in the industry. The mistake our pioneers have made was not to have created a movement of sincere representatives of the profession. Best likes of Efe Omorogbe, Sunday Are and Percy Ademokun should have done was to groom youngster into the game that will carry on the legacy with updated ideas and valid creativity. Then a standard will rule the game with validated criteria that must be meet before you can manage a brand. Either experience by studies, natural talent or apprenticeship. Too many managerial Gurus and little, almost no professionals.

You cannot just run into nobody representing self as a Lawyer, even in the music industry many artists still struggle with VIC O’s status as a musician. You wanna know why? Cause he don’t have the perfect attribute that legitimately affirm him as a musician. That should apply to management too, it shouldn’t be reduced to an hobby but be portrayed as a profession.

The moral of the day is we don’t have professional managers here in the mainstream industry but booking agents like Osagz Alonge said in one of his #FactsOnly video. These guys aren’t adept in the profession and not all is the strategic tool behind the superstars/super-brands.

I Akinyele SolChild want all their jobs. People that are super gifted or educated to manage brands should find a way to kick them out of the game. We need more professionals in the game than beneficiary of some kind of loyalty, we are tired of people using the pioneer alibi to get management jobs.

Our artistes are even more vast than their career managers. I was at a studio last time with Pepenazi, listening to this cat  talking entertainment , i must admit I was impressed and entertained the way he was analyzing constructively that even his manager was there shaking his head in admiration. Our brands know their industry more than their managers. This is really unacceptable. There are techniques and duty that aren’t known by artist but managers. And there are duties that artists shouldn’t be caught doing.

Dear Artiste ,when a real creative and super talented management is overseeing your career, it lessen the burden on you to concentrate on your job as an artist. These guys are just taking of you undeserving, they aren’t giving you anything exceptional that makes them deserve the pay they get off you.

A wind of change has blown on us Nigeria,let’s extend this wind to all profession and compartment of the country. Our models,artists, actors/actress, comedians, and record labels deserve the best. And let the best people get the job pulezzzzzz.

Wish me happy birthday guys. I was born today some years ago. @That_Radical_G is my handle on Twitter.


I am Akinyele SolChild for Take Over Management Company.

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