pranks on your boss

So, you’ve got a great April Fools’ Day office prank that you’re sure every single one of your coworkers is in on, and it’s almost time to set up the final details, but you’re wondering… should you play an April Fools’ Day prank on your boss? Is Dan going to end your career for this? Is this really how you go out? In a shameful blaze of Post-It notes and mayonnaise-filled crullers? How do you explain this to your family? How do you justify this to yourself? All of a sudden, you’re not so sure the balloon cubicle is such an innocent trick.

This is the time you need to stop, consider your options, and weigh the good against the bad. How well do you know your boss? Are you overthinking this? Should you really play an April Fools’ Day trick on the person in charge of your livelihood? All fair questions, which is why I suggest you take a few extra moments before removing all of the toilet paper from the executive bathroom to contemplate the following.

Check out these six reasons that it might not be a great idea to prank your boss this April Fools’ Day, then make your decision accordingly.

1. They pay your bills

Yes, you think you pay your bills, but really it’s your employer who takes care of the rent, the electric, the kids’ piano lessons, etc. Sorry to say, but we’re just the middlemen in the game of life. I once heard it said it would be more convenient to give HR your bank login info so they can just directly deposit your paycheck into other accounts. Do you really want to risk getting fired over a silly trick? I know, I know, it’s a really funny trick, but still. Just keep this is mind.

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