According to a statement released by

his reps, Okposo's decision to leave

COSON is due to what he says is the

lack of transparency and accountability on the part of the collective management organization.

The Gospel singer wants COSON to

stop collecting royalties and acting on

his behalf with immediate effect.

'I, Sammie Okposo, a proud Nigerian

artiste wishes to notify the general

public and all stakeholders alike that I

have stopped being a member of

COSON', he said in a statement

released this week.

Okposo's exit comes weeks after the

Broadcast Organisation of Nigeria

(BON) and Independent Broadcast

Association of Nigeria (IBAN) pronounced a ban on the airing of the

musical works of 96 musicians

including Okposo.

Okposo has also called for the

registration of another CMO with a

view to breaking the monopoly

currently being enjoyed by COSON.

Meanwhile COSON has responded to

Okposo's statement saying that he will

still return to COSON.

'With time Gospel Singer, Sammie

Okposo will realize that there are few

Nigerian institutions that are run with

a level of transparency, accountability

and professionalism available at

COSON and he will return to the fold'.

According to Mr Chukwuji', 'Sammie

has not availed himself the opportunity of visiting the COSON office and is clearly unfamiliar with the quality of personnel, the technology and processes put to work at COSON'.

Mr Chukwuji also said that COSON has

not received any resignation letter from Okposo.

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