Bow ties
The bow tie is the most classic and fashionable of all men’s neckwear. It’s the most resilient too. With various colours and designs to choose from, you cannot just ignore this accessory.
1. Large butterfly bow tie
This bow tie typically measures a wing size of three inches or more. According to, men with a larger neck size, bigger face and chin are the best to wear this type. It is ideal for non-formal events especially when it comes in bright colours and wild patterns.
2. Classic bow tie
This could also be referred to as the thistle or semi-butterfly. This bow tie has a wing size of two inches and above.
3. Narrow bow ties
This is narrow and has a look that resembles a mix between classic bow tie and ribbon. The batwing typically has a size of 1.5 or two inches. It has a slightly less formal appearance but looks best on slim men with longish looking face and narrow collar size.
4. Bow ties with pointed ends
Although available as a pre-tied version, pointed tip bow ties should only be worn as self ties and need to be tied carefully to avoid a too-symmetrical look. It is perfect for men who want something unique while still adhering to a strict black tie dress code.

More on bow ties

You do not have to take out your ruler when shopping for bow ties; just try to observe these rules:
• Keep the width of the bow about the same as that of your collar, or even slightly smaller. If it is too small, your neck will look plumper than it really is.
• For daytime wear, opt for ties fashioned out of fabrics with texture, such as flannel, suiting wools, hopsack, selvage denim, straight cotton, seersucker, and madras. For evening formal wear, a black or white satin self-tie, not a clip-on, is a classic and elegant choice. Grosgrain and nubby wool also give a black formal bow tie a more modern feel.
• Daytime ties are supposed to be patterned to avoid looking like formal wear substitutes, so opt for paisleys, stripes and dots.
• Colours should be dark, sober and muted. A bow tie must not clash with the rest of your outfit; therefore, try to synchronise its colours with that of your outfit.
• Dress down a bow tie by rolling up your sleeves or donning a leather jacket instead of a suit. Also, wear it with a slim-cut tailored suit, a cable crew neck, or a spring ensemble of a blazer, short-sleeved shirt and tailored shorts.
• Another way to rock a bow tie is to leave it untied and wear it with an open shirt collar and jacket.
• The slim line bowtie is best paired with a standard-shaped collar, while the standard one should be worn with a winged collar.