Most people have been curious, especially me, on how much KingtBlakHoc pays his girls.. If you’re still in the dark. TBlak is a Nigerian purnstar with vast amount of followers on Social Media.

He is know for his luxurious lifestyle, and of course nudity. Not minding what Snapchat rules says, TBlak has continued to show nudity on his social media accounts.

Apparently, he has been blocked from snapchat thrice, if not 4 times now, but he keeps opening New accounts. The Latest was a Premium account, where he asked his followers to pay N20,000 to be added to the account, then they get a month access to his website where they’d get to watch his series of porn videos!

That didn’t work we guess, as he has now made his premium account public.

The father-of-one, has revealed how much he pays the girl he uses in his videos. He revealed the price ranges from N30 – N300k.

In a snapchat post on the 4th of May He stated:

All included nice meal daddy treats. Maybe I bough you pants, stuffs help you sent money home cards and sh*ts!! Per head! if you like stay 29 mins or 20 years same price. Though I may request 2-3 days.

30 – you f*ked up, your period came and I didn’t f**k you — DON’T GO EMPTY.

40 – I didn’t f** you – POCKET MONEY

50K – I didn’t f** you and I took pics. No face.

80k – I f** you & took pics or did video NF.

100k I like you. I f** you and did videos or didn’t do video maybe just support.

150k – you don’t care about showing face.

200k – you show face.

300k – show face, we f** and you good.

If you have nice ass long cl*ts and if your workshop looks naturally clean *chances of additional free money.

See Photos below:

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