Woke up this morning, after my morning devotion setting my day into the hands of my creator, I checked my wallet,no shin shin than the N250 change I brought home last night from my day out, chai ironu bami, how do I go out today? Still pondering, I decided to look whats happening on social media maybe I will even get motivation from one of those men with keys to success on my TL but to my surprise its another beef. This time they say there are these set of boys that some set of social media lords have been gossiping about, saying they crash parties(mogbo moya), they are wannabe’s and also they irritate them. But unfortunately one amongst them decide not to keep it discrete any more by taking it to her TL as a sub and to make the script interesting and fun, another person RT’d her with the description of the owner of the sub, like a Subdeliverer. And that is how this whole saga am about to air my opinion ( #AkinyeleSolChild’sReview) on.
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Gbemi Olateru ( @Gbemi00) She turned out to be subber that started the whole drama with tweeting her mind about the Olumofin’s subbingly. Have you ever been in a situation whilst three set of girls are walking on the street and you wanted to reach out to the cutie one among them and you as a sharp guy, whistled woosh sssshh and the ugly one looked back and answered me? And you answered no it’s your friend I want to call. And she turns back to her friends and say to them, let’s go,the guy is even rude, how dare him whistle at girls? Is that even polite? Look at his fake chain and dirty shirt. He is mad. Gbemi seem that type of girl in this whole brouhaha

God knows that Toolz didn’t bring the gist to Gbemi to help her announce it on social media, but her lousiness and bad manner would have been the motivation behind she taking it to her twitter page to bring to herself the embarrasement she got from the angry receiver that didn’t even take no prisoner but fired back like they were prepared for the meal she was going to serve them. She sure was bruised and dragged in the mud by things said by these guys, most popular was that she was ugly and unpleasant to sight. Yes I want to concur for a minute on that, I can remember vividly back then when me and my friends do go to Cool fm to lobby for airplay of our songs, see if we can get apprenticeship with the firm and also familiarize with Danfoster who turns out to be our favourite radio voice then. I can still remember there was this ugly not too pretty lady amongst them. I would probably say when you think of Omobaba, one should think of Gbemi, what money can do to looks, it can never be imagined.

Toolz (@ToolzO); Toolz just affirm the proverb of the wise people that says a lizard cannot travel oversea and become a crocodile when it gets there. What Toolz did describes a typical yoruba girl, lady and woman. I can remember when I was very young then, my mother will innocently bring shame to me. Imagine an instance, me wetting the bed and she innocently calls my big aunty and tells her I still wet the bed,that what can she do to help me stop the act and that big mouthed aunty will visit with my niece and maybe some friends and without minding the crowd would just open her dirty mouth, ngbo auntie mi nipe ohun to si ile? Agbalagba ara e, shio. Chai it would look like the ground should open and swallow me. See embarrassment and disgrace that would go for a long time. Toolz really needs to watch it, if she knows she cant help but tell someone her private information, try to know the kind of friend you share it with. Gbemi sure cant be that kind of friend. I would think if the matter was serious than just not getting invite or forcefully harassing the celebrant to send invite,na so she go loud the matter. But twitter people can be an evil sha, someone tweeted, Toolz is just big, she don’t think big”, like seriously?? What evil, last last we have to look into this social media freedom of expression control.


The Olumofin’s ( @joroOlomufin/@dokunolomufin); Let me start with applauding these guys, bloggers called them muffins, muffin what? I call them both Power Rangers, the way they came after Gbemi, dragging her in mud without remorse remind me of the way a onetime twitter celeb was dragged in her mud with her boyfriend as well. If you remember this popular old generation twitter guy that tweets about lifestyles, yankee lifestyle, lagos lifestyle and has a girlfriend that is almost popular among the twitter girls then, talking of @MissIgho, @MissJayla and co. The guy used to be popular among them Eche that year too, he was named by the American govt wanted for involvement in credit card scam, and was sent to jail for some period of time. That’s by the way, the Joro guy went even harder than the Dokun guy. Said a lot of things to mock the person of Gbemi, even unnecessary things was said to be added. They didn’t take no prisoner; they mulled her like they have been ready before she even thought about it. Yes they went too far, for a guy, a deep punch line should have done it for me, and something link a punch line under two or three tweets, but the fact is not everyone can limit their creativity to 140 characters, so it was an epistle of insult. Back to back and it lit up twitter.

For a gentleman I want to say, they went too far. They acted a girl even while they were fighting JUST battle, self defense was the mission, but sometimes one need to have control button and not go crazy trying to make a point. I want to believe even if not for Gbemi, but for the association of sweet ladies out there, they need to peace the mind of them girls that they aren’t monsters, apologize to the feminist and make them know it was just a bit to defend their ego and they might have gone too far in the mission base on anger management failure. Well in time, they should delete all that they have posted, before it gets used against them someday. Its better it’s with the evil doers than remain on their pages for easy access anytime. They did too much if I need to air my sincere opinion.

Captain Tunde Demuren & Toolz

Tunde Demuren (@Tundedemuren) an example of a guy that innocently says that guy too like to dey ask me for money jor. He no dey hustle self ni? Abeg I don’t appreciate when you bother me too much. And the girlfriend ask him, which of them, and he innocently says, that SolChild guy. He spends all his times writing, criticizing and disturbing my whatsapp with bc, whilst we dey hustle, everyone get hin surname to answer mehn. I cant be bothered. And the babe which turns out to be an amebor goes to her friend and mocked the guy, even when she don’t even like the guy in the first place. Tunde need to be more careful what he speaks about infront of Toolz, he seem a very gentle guy, wouldn’t kill a fly. Before Toolz go dey cast am on a regular. I think he needs to be careful. He loves her, but still need to be very careful. Woman come, woman go, your paddy will always be your paddy o.

Conclusively, as a concern Ondo socialite, something tells me we should be biased in the whole situation. Gbemi from Owo, Ondo State, Olumofin’s Ondo State and then Demuren also Ondo state right?  The only stranger is Toolz, as a concern socialite that upholds the integrity of our tribe, I don’t think we will allow a stranger all for love to come distrupt the unity we share as Ondo people. Baba gbe ese le, Aiyelala.

But jokes apart, this is marriage and it should be treated with wisdom and carefulness. Sometimes we get too emotional in friendship and forget our immediate family comes first, before any other kind of responsibility out there. Taking private matters to friends that might eventually end up in public ears, one need to be watchful and careful. I am sorry for Toolz, nobody really knows if aunty Gbemi has a man in her life, you that God has given yours, she go just turn you to hmmm hmmm. A word is enough for the wise o.

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