Did we mention Charlene has been touring the past months?

These past months have been an exciting and positive one for Charlene. Our Mc has been on a Europe tour since August and it’s been nothing more than amazing touring in different European countries and Other countries out of Europe. Did we also mention that partying is a means of disposing stress? Yes, everybody loves Fridays as it marks the beginning of the weekend and when we hear of weekends with Charlene we know its turn-up time.


Being on tour for quite a while Charlene was invited all the way from Norway as special guest to one of the most prestigious and filled-up Clubs in Istanbul/Turkey where she had fun and partied with friends. Cub Vybe and the people of Istanbul had the chance to experience MC Charlene’s energy live on the mic. Some describe it as magnificent . Never have people seen an MC so entertaining and energetic. The party was mad fun as we all could see Club vybe posting on their Instagram handle and other social media platforms. They say MC Charlene is the.

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