Intrepid divers are taking extreme activities to even more bloodcurdling heights. The Crocosaurus Cove, an aquarium and wildlife center in Darwin, Australia offers an attraction that’s certainly not for the faint hearted. Visitors with nerves of steel are lowered into crocodile infested waters in the safety of an acrylic barrier called Cage of Death. The crocs are saltwater baddies native to Australia and renowned for their ferocity, they can grow more than 16ft long.

Of course, Crocosaurus Cove says the experience is perfectly safe as long as visitors meet the age requirements and undergo a brief safety training before braving the cage.

A 15-minute session in the Cage of Death costs about $126 for a single visitor and about $190 for two, including admission to Crocosaurus Cove’s other wildlife attractions. What wants to be a bad guy? Here’s your chance.





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