A 22 year old Nigerian gay man named Andy (not real name) has cried out that he is being maltreated at home.

According to the story he sent LGBTIQ website NoStringsNG.com, Andy says he is under pressure from his elder brother to declare his sexual orientation publicly in church or face a possible eviction from his house.

Andy adds that life has been hell for him moving from one place to another since his family got to know about his sexual orientation.

He was outed by a man whom he barely knew.

“A strange man made advances at me, asking me out for a date, an offer which I declined, but the man later made arrangements with some people who came to the place where I was working before, and my house to cause a scene, branding me a homosexual which led to my dismissal.

“My cousin-sister whom I was living with heard the story and was disappointed. She took the news to the village, and after a family meeting was held, I was asked to go and live with my brother and his wife in Abuja who placed me under strict supervision, and most times maltreated me”

Andy said that several times he was left hungry without food for days, and that they asked him not to get close to their son because he may inflict/infect him with being gay.

“My brother leaves me most times without food. Nobody is even talking with me, they warn their son of 6 years to stop playing with me that I will introduce him in to homosexuality. I was the one bathing him; they stopped me that I may play with his penis. In fact, that I will get erect if I see the boy naked.

Currently, Andy said that he has been given a one week ultimatum to either declare his homosexuality publicly in church so that the pastor can deliver him from homosexuality, or leave the house.

“My family has taken a step; they are forcing me to publicly confess that I am gay in church and ask for prayers and forgiveness, so that the pastor can deliver me from homosexuality, but I can’t do that because my life is at risk. How will I survive and navigate life after declaring my sexual orientation to strangers?”

Andy said that the only option for him now is to leave the house for his brother and his wife, as it is clear that he is no longer wanted, but his fear is how he will survive?

“I know where to go, but I do not even have money for transportation, and at least some money to sustain myself while I look for a job or something to do with my life. I love who I am and I do not regret ever being gay” he told NoStringsNG.

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