Pop singer, Harrysong has shared his thought on what it means for someone to ‘make it’ in life. He flashed back to what his grandmother told him, while growing up, that ‘a good name is better than riches, its better to be a blessing than the lesson.’ Read below…

“It’s not just about making it..but also maintaining it in been the blessing.(staying there, both for the blessings and the lessons)..wen I was growing up my grandma would always tell me..Tare my pikin, good name is better than riches, it’s better to be a blessing than the lesson, but these days you’ll hear words like, who good name help??

Nobody cares anymore, everybody just wanna make it, not minding who goes down or who/wat is destroyed, but this morning I encourage you to standout, stay strong, stay working, stay praying, your space has not been taken, and it can’t be taken, because God made just one of ur version, and the world is still waiting. My name is Harrison Tare Okiri. They call me Harrysong.” He wrote on Instagram.

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