Quick throwback thought to when Emma Nyra cried out for help some years ago, this same Iyanya, this same Ubi Franklin, this same Nigerians. We gave deaf ears to her allegations but chose to mock her on frivolities. Eventually she gave up on the pursuit, her music career went into relegation and she turned to a baby factory(mama).

Hardly will you find a creative manager of Ubi’s caliber in the world today that has made it that far without dipping their hands in dirts, have questionable characters and have ruin lives to attain their status. Look through your favorite people in talent management hustle all over the world you’ll see it’s popular amongst them all. The few ones that are sincerely all about helping artiste maximize their talent without selfish agenda just maybe live by with the little change they are entitled to and they give their all to the career of the creative and they hardly make it that big in the world, meanwhile these creatives don’t even appreciate them enough, they rather put their talents in the care of an over ambitious person in the bid to jump process and later cry for help when the obvious happen.

But hey how can you blame people at times when we love successful people, we live for them, we idolize people that are perceived successful over people with sincere/decent/innocent values. Isn’t that why people go to any length to be successful because they know people don’t care how they make it, they only care when they are successful.

So that creative brand wants success so badly, the talent manager is desperate to be successful likewise, that which has made people predators without conscience. So if as a creative you’ve chosen who to manage your affairs impatiently base on your quick desire for success, ain’t nobody pity parting with you when the consequence of your choice come to be, embrace it and find peace with it.

Unfortunately these set of desperado talent managers are the main reason for trust issues in the creative industry. They have not only ruined lives of creatives but good managers out there that was initially in for a sincere reason but now jumped on the bandwagon of anything goes. I care less. And for those that can’t compromise their good will are living a mess, getting used and dumped steadily and struggling in the profession.

So I’ve said I am staying away from looking for RIGHTS or WRONGS, taking SIDES to sympathize hence, but do more of breaking down issues for understanding.

For Iyanya;

Ubi Franklin had his way easily because Iyanya chose to be ignorant and nonchalant when it matters. While Ubi was putting all his heart in building the business I can vividly remember all Iyanya was all about was living lavida loca. Sexy boy, Oko Gbogbo Omoge Industry, Yvonne Nelson medisin pharmacist, six packs merchant et Lekki big bouy. Don’t get me wrong it had its advantage for the show business eventually but when you make your focus too obvious then you will only see what you are focused on. Iyanya claiming he unaware Tekno was making money after his debut on MMMG? Bro that is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard in a long time, even not being part of the MMMG family, people like myself knew Tekno was cashing out already after his second single under MMMG. It really exposes what you are interested in and Ubi sure saw that and took advantage of it. Why it’s always wise to get informed and if you feel incapacitated, learn or employ someone to help you with these things, never be in the dark, what you don’t know is slowly destroying you, you are just too ignorant to see it. Unless you really don’t care and could have been reason Ubi had to take over and ran it like his life depends on it. What was Iyanya’s focus?

For Ubi Franklin;

Trust is very important, key to partnership/collaboration in any business, but like the scene from Saworoide a Yoruba movie that went viral when APC was trying hard to destroy image of the PDP presidential candidate Atiku, where a wise man was saying “a Thief is asking you to allow him help you build your money safe and you are comfortable?” People like Ubi makes it hard for people to trust people in this life. We should try to be accountable and transparent when dealing with others. Unless Ubi was trying to get Iyanya interested in the business and he wasn’t challant enough, there is no moral justification to treat him that way. No matter what, he could do better. It’s a partnership and Iyanya was the product Ubi used to make the successful brand he is today, you owe the poor guy some respect and sincerity.

For All Creatives/Managers;

Here again is another lesson for all of us, stop taking side and stay away from the banters that comes with the thread. Stay very woke, don’t just make decisions, be ready for the consequences that follows. Know your decision and imagine the consequences that comes with it, be very alert. Embrace sincere people, day ones that have been there with you when things aren’t even rosy there might be a luck that they would never betray you if you treat them well. When you meet people with this thing called desperation/over zealousness, be very careful dealing with them. They can go to any length to have their way.

Jot This Down, Take It Away;

Finally it’s about time we start celebrating people for value, skills and sincerity. That way we would have less success monsters that do almost anything to be there.

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