In as much as mistakes are inevitable in everyday life, some mistakes can be avoided spontaneously or mistakes can be made perpetually , as it is common said a friend at hand is better than a brother abroad, it is common knowledge that you can’t know someone completely but how you begin matters alot especially if you met online, here are some common mistakes made by both sexes in the cause of interaction 

1. Acting too cold Ladies acting too cold and uninterested during first chat kills the zeal and interest of well meaning guys towards them. Dear ladies, learn to be free with a guy & be lively, stop acting as if you just came out from a cold room,or your in a sober period or someone gonna die if you act lively 

2. Replying with code words Replying with one letter words like- k, gud, hw, wen, fyn, etc…this is a crime to human communication; no matter your gender & who u are chatting with, learn to stop it.  (later if you fail exams now you go begin blame one spirit wey no the exist)

3. Asking for picture too soon – guys are fond of this bad habit of asking a lady they met online for her pics you be graphic designer? even on their first day of chat; please guys stop it! Get to know her first & see beyond her. Physical looks. Let me put it to you “THE LOVE OF BEAUTY iS THE ROLL OF DICE ” implying when casting a dice you may get a very wrong number when you targeting a bigger number 

4. Asking what he does for a living: this is a big crime our ladies commit!  Yes, its good to know what he does for a living but this usually send wrong signal to a guy with good intentions towards you, so avoid it and gradually get to know him & not just what he does & how much he need to look beyond his pocket to get the best out of a man.

5. Sex chat: many guys today are so fond of this nonsense, guys please grow up! Even if u must sex chat with her, pls knw her first & make sure u two are into each other, stop being in a haste! Besides self what the fun in sex chat?  You wan stain your boxers abi? Pity your boxers if you no pity yourself abeg

6. Begging for gifts Begging for recharge card, gift, BIS, other favours- this is bad for anyone to do, please stop it!  why beg for an inch when you can have it all, ladies trade with caution, na from Waka person the see Race

7. Late responses: nothing kills a guy’s interest in a lady he met online like late responses & busy-forming attitude, makes the guy feel u don’t take him serious or that u have plenty male admirers keeping u busy! If your really that busy why no contest for presidency so it will be obvious  stop it 

8. Being too rigid! Never say never! That guy or lady u met online today & feel he’s nobody or that she’s ugly…or that he has nothing to offer for u may be your true partner in making. Many single ladies & guys have lost their true partners out of being too rigid and principled. Sometimes, play fool & see what nature/life has in store for you!‎

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