CfctfX8WsAA3G9hAll the one time somebody that has unfortunately become now nobody’s were present for the burial right of the recent demised mentor and multi-talented Muyiwa Osinuga popularly known as Nomoreloss,and my prediction just had to be correct, if only it was Sure Bet forecasting without doubt the odds would be so much that my outcome won’t be less than a million.

They never turn up for anyone, if he didn’t die selflessly and call out for help,it’s obvious that he wouldn’t have gotten enough help from people that he might expect support from. Not one new generation act was present at the songs and tribute event for Nomoreloss, and Lepacious Bose attention seeking article didn’t turn out to be a one for the public to see her new body size but was a serious allegation that ended getting affirmation last night.


To start with, where was JAYWON, promoting his new album right? Mind he knows that Odun yi will forever be that song unless God send him another Nomoreloss which I doubt exist. Nobody that carried the death news on their head on social media was seen at the event, not even the over sabi unfriended friend of mine that buzzed my DM correcting me the kind of information that I should let out regarding him Nomoreloss made it there. No fuel abi? I parked my car and trekked to the place, Wuraola is my witness.

Nobody is accusing anyone for his death, nah nah because even the rumour on rounds is suicide but this man was and will always be an influence in the music industry, I expect nothing but last sincere respect from all the thousands of acts coming through to give him his last respect in songs and tribute kwa. Michael Jackson was celebrated after death, wait I can’t call him nomoreloss our Michael, Let’s say Whitney Houston was respected even when they knew she was her own death maker. Where is this true love here?

I saw the Ibru’s and I was pleased she was one of the few that gave Muyiwa that opportunity that begot that which he is today, but they were looking strange and displaced. Oops I get it, they didn’t serve alcohol,just cold puff puff served in take away packs. Without water or drinks. Sorry mama Ibru, not every where you get your favorite. Bless you for coming out.


Respect to Koga Studios boss for doing the honor of hosting the loads that made it in his multi-purpose hall, God bless you chairman.

OmoBaba, Wierd Mc, Rugged Man, Jafextra, Puffy Tee, Ego and aunty Yinka Davies and them rest that entertained, may you live long and be celebrated when your time is up too.


A blogger friend whispered into my ear, all these ol’gees can only have event like this to get massive Media attention, see them jumping from stand to stand taking interview. Lol!! Wetin dem go do na? When the younger generation has been able to make them irrelevant and they don’t know which way to get back in track.

I see GT-Guiterman, what’s up? I don’t see you as an ol’gee bro, Let’s revive this thing you are sleeping on together, hit me on @solchildtweets or Facebook me with Akinyele SolChild.

Rest well Muyiwa Osinuga aka Nomoreloss. He will be laid today at Ikoyi for those on the island, please try be there. Let’s celebrate ourselves,if we don’t, who will?

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