PUNCH reports that a pastor with a Pentecostal ministry is dragging a Lagos hospital to court for removing his wife’s womb and damaging her bladder during a surgery procedure.

The pastor identified as Chinedu Rockson stated that the hospital performed a Caesarean section on his 42-year-old wife after he signed some documents to perfect the terms. However, some hours into the operation, Chinedu said he was called into the theatre to sign another document, adding that nobody told him it was for the removal of his wife’s womb.

They asked me to sign some papers, which I did. Some hours later, a surgeon said there had been complications and I would need to sign another document.

He didn’t tell me what I was signing for or the implications. Because I was in a haste to get my wife saved, I signed the document.” Chinedu stated.

After the surgery, Chinedu’s wife emerged with a pipe attached to her bladder.  When he noticed the pipe wasn’t removed after a few days, Chinedu was forced to ask questions. The hospital reportedly opened up that the woman’s womb had been removed and her bladder damaged, which was why the pipe was attached for her to control her urine.

The Pastor's wife Image: PUNCH
The Pastor’s wife Image: PUNCH

Lamenting on the matter, the pastor stated that his wife’s medical condition has worsened, adding that he could neither afford the hospital bill nor take her back home in her present condition.

Meanwhile, the Lawyer to the Rockson family, Chris Ogbedeneto, has filed a petition to the state Commissioner of Police, Fatai Owoseni, calling for an investigation into the case.

The hospital, on the other hand, has denied any wrongdoing in the matter. According to them, the mother of four could have died but for the timely intervention of the hospital.

Her womb had burst in the first hospital where she registered. When she was brought to us, we discovered we needed to do a surgery to save her. It was during surgery that we discovered her uterus had burst, which had also affected her bladder.” the director stated.

He further added the husband was carried along throughout the whole procedure and he gave his consent for her womb to be removed.

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