couple-black-nigeria-relationship.jpgFebruary is the month of Love! Everyone should be excited and look forward to making it a special and unforgettable day for their spouses. However, for some people, it’s a disaster waiting to happen. These individuals evolve different tactics to ensure that they avoid taking their spouse shopping or giving them a luxurious treat at a five-star hotel in Lagos.

If you are a lady with your heart setting on celebrating Valentine’s Day but aren’t sure whether your man is cut out for it, Jovago, shines the light on some signs to watch out for.

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He compliments your cooking, tells you how beautiful you are, allows you to pass the night at the weekend and doesn’t mind where you keep your things.

If however, he abruptly turns the corner and make you feel like a stranger, your sixth sense should tell you that he wants to get rid of you before that special day.


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