In this exclusive interview with LIB, which was conducted on Thursday, October 6, Nollywood actor and Model, Ikechukwu Mitchel Ogbonna simply known as IK Ogbonna, revealed his candid opinion on Rahama Sadau’s expulsion by Kannywood for hugging and cuddling in a music video.

The ‘Stolen Lives’ actor also talked about his current project & plans for his brand. Read after the cut


What have you been up to lately?

I just produced 2 movies this year; ‘Knock Knock’ which was shot in June featuring Chika Okeke and several others while ‘Excess Luggage’, features Queen Nwokoye, Mike Ezuronye, Derenle Edun, Fred Amata, Monalisa Chinda, Shaffy Bello and some other prominent actors. I’m also planning to launch my own Brand, a line of cosmetics and fashion in 2017.

When do you plan releasing the movies?

Knock Knock’ should be out before December 2016, while ‘Excess Luggage’ will be released in February 2017

Will you ever have go nude in a Movies?

I’m an actor, trust me, I will only go nude in movies that carries  positive stories and not for the Negative.

You don’t just expect me to put my manhood on display, it’s meant for my wife alone.

So if you were offered N1b, won’t you go nude?

I’m not into money, I can’t.

There are times when I was broke to zero Naira; I’d leave my friend’s place to visit my sister at The bridge clinic to ask for as little as N2000. On that fateful day while sitting waiting for my sister, a woman met me with her husband and offered me N20M to donate my sperm, who probably was impotent.’ After thinking about the offer, I told myself that I would be a very great man someday, and no kids of mine will be left out of my sight.

That was the highest temptation I have ever experienced in all my life.’

What is the most difficult movie you have acted in so far?

‘All for the Money’ so far is the difficult movie I have acted in, it emotionally drained me, I was seriously dealt on.

Does your wife support you involving in romantic scenes?       

Well most times she gets upset but she has always been supportive to my career, so we are actually cool on that since it doesn’t involves sex scenes.

But there is one funny question, she normally ask when we are watching my movie, she is like (IK did you kiss anyone in this movie).

What are reasons that would make not to cheat on your wife?

‘I see my wife as a perfect Soulmate. Secondly she’s my best friend. Thirdly we live more like brother and sister than husband and wife. Most times, we forget we are a couple because we don’t hide a single thing from each other. Lastly, she is a wise and clever person and for this reasons, I wouldn’t want her to be discredited in public.’

What is the reception like after getting married to your curvaceous wife?

Before I got married to Sonia, one of my greatest fear was losing many of my female fans, but to be surprised it increased tremendously,
The fans had no choice than to see me with more acceptance and maturity, as this was at the time when blogs assumed me being gay, but thanks to my sister Linda, who always puts up the right content.’

Why did you ditch Nigerian women for a Colombian?

I didn’t have to look too far; before I got married I dated few Nigerian, South African and Ghanaians. I’m not someone that limits my thinking to a particular place, I don’t think I should restrict who I want to be with to racism or to ethnicity.

The only goal, is to find the woman that connects to your heart

What African food does she know how to cook?

She prepares Afang and Egusi soup very well, my mom taught her how to prepare them, but literally she cooks everything.

What will be your reaction, if a gay guy approaches you?

I have been approached over 5 billion times in my life, right from school days even when I startedmodelling, but to be sincere I’m not gay and I won’t condone such, if they want to be my friend no problems as far as they know their limit.

Which actress will you love to work with?

Wow, Yvonne Okoro is one wonderful actress; I would love to work with because she is very good at what she does.

Queen Nwokoye is also another talented actress and several others just to mention a few.

Who is your favourite Ghanaian actress?

There is no other person, than Yvonne Okoro, she is not just my favourite Ghanaian actress but also my friend, I give it to her because her acting is effortless, she brings out magic.

What is your take on Rahama Sadau being expelled by Kannywood for hugging and cuddling in a music video?

Seriously, if that was the only reason she was suspended, then it’s not worth it, we have the right to stay professional in our career, because acting is only a different character compared to your normal life.

Do you look forward to go into politics in the nearest future?

Politics is a game I don’t and never want to go into, right now and in the nearest future, I don’t want to take part in it.

What is your present relationship with Juliet Ibrahim after your separation from her?

Well, am cool with her, if I see her, I will say hello and if she doesn’t respond, I’d gladly move ahead.

Presently, if there is a movie role which involves you both to act in, will you reject it?

I can act with anybody, be it Juliet or whichever person is on set with me, I will act.

Who is your best Nigerian artiste presently?

I will give it to Tekno, his recent song Pana is out of the World

Which collaboration are you looking out to see in Nigeria?

I will like to see Patoranking ft Tekno, they are at their prime and presently they have taken over the music industry.

How is the recession affecting your production?

It’s really affecting us not just me, the price of everything has increased.

As an actor, one won’t have a choice than to increase their price, same thing implies to the artistes too.

But I believe it will only get better for Nigeria someday.

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