Bobrisky is grateful.

Yesterday, the SnapChat star who is currently in New York shared his old photo side by side his look yesterday, and he added a caption that told of his successes and why he would no longer be bothered by what trolls think of him.

“Just wanna thank God for his mercy in my life. I was nobody before. I almost gave up but my God proved to me that he is still existing,” he began, adding, “I drive the latest cars, travel to any country I want, use the most expensive phones.”

Bobrisky added that he would no longer be shy of who he is, and encouraged trolls who have a penchant for posting hate comments on his page to carry on. “I won’t block you anymore,” he added.

In 2011, the gender-bender was shamed by the Nigerian Police Force after he was arrested for putting on a female attire. Pressmen splashed Bobrisky’s photos allover the pages of newspapers. Bobrisky was mocked and shamed, and after the incident, he led a low profile lifestyle, until he re-emerged years later with a bustling SnapChat profile.

This year, he was praised by legendary singer KWAM 1 at a top society event. Now, the SnapChat star is currently in the United State and has been touring states and sharing updates on his Instagram.

Check out his emotional post:

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