Meek Mill is full of regrets right now and admits that his feud with Drake was not well thought out.

Speaking with Ebro Darden on Hot 97 radio station, the Philly rapper noted how he almost got killed because of the feud with the Canadian rapper, the attack on Safaree Samuels at the BET party, and the Remy Ma vs Nicki Minaj hip hop feud.

Asked about the Drake feud, he said he regrets the way he handled it.

“I was out of control at that point, the way I was coming at everybody,” Meek said. “I offended a lot of people at that point… I think I could have approached things better, but it is what it is.”

Now, he hopes that will have a conversation “eventually, one day”, but at his own time and way.

Asked why he allowed his team beat up Nicki Minaj’s ex Safaree Samuel at the BET party, he said:

“I ain’t really handle him like that. He got manhandled on his own time… I ain’t really got no issue with him.”

However, he added that it’s what folks get when they diss people on the internet and meet them in real life. “I’m done,” Meek added. “I’m out of that situation with the girl. What I’ma do? I ain’t got no problem with him. But for everybody else, too, when you get up in that, remember, it’s a certain way. I’m from Philly. We handle things a certain type of way.”

The rapper also talked about Remy Ma’s diss song Shether in which she accused Nicki Minaj of cheating on Meek with the interviewer Ebro Darden.

Ebro asked Meek why he didn’t give him a heads up about the song via text, and Meek said Remy put him on blast too.

“I just was participating in all the bullshit because when I’m in bullshit everybody participating too and I don’t give a Fvvk,” he continued. “It ain’t really about none of that. It’s just fun and games.”

Well, Meek says he is now a grown man and will try to do things better with his life.

“I just turned 30, man,” the MMG rapper said. “I be on some positive, grown-man, get-to-the-money type vibe. What can you do? You gonna be Instagramming and Tweeting and throwing shots popping shit forever? We gotta live real life, too. It’s two sides to that. I think people be getting caught up in the twilight zone, they forget that it’s OK to put your phone down.”

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