The Green Circuit Association (GCA) wrote to the Italian Government on the wrongful profiling of the association as a criminal organization.

Read the letter below as signed by the Secretary of the association.

The Italian Ambassador,
Embassy of Italy,
EU Complex, 21st Crescent,
Off Constitution Avenue,
Central Business District,
Garki, Abuja.

For the attention of
Mr. Matteo Salvini,
Interior Minister of Italy,

Your Excellency Sir,


The attention of Green Circuit Association (GCA) has been drawn to the press interviews granted by Mr. Matteo Salvini, the Interior Minister of Italy, and the authorities of the Italian Police sometime on Thursday, the 18th day of July, 2019 with respect to the arrest of some Nigerians in Bologna and Turin suspected to have been involved in sundry criminal activities in Italy.

From the reports as published in some major international press, it was reported that about 19 Nigerians were arrested in Bologna and Turin by the Italian Police for varied offences bordering on prostitution and illicit drug sale in your country.

In the press statements released on various international media, which were also re-published by most major Nigerian online and print media, the Italian Police stated that “MAPHITE WAS FOUNDED BACK IN THE 1980s…… BEFORE DEVELOPING INTO A FULL-BLOWN ORGANIZED CRIME GROUP, POLICE SAID. THAT IT ADOPTED THE MONIKER GREEN CIRCUIT ASSOCIATION TO CAMOUFLAGE ITS INTERNATIONAL EXPANSION AND IT IS NOW WIDESPREAD IN MANY COUNTRIES AROUND THE WORLD.” The highlight is for emphasis.

It is of note that the Italian authorities have in the said releases, mischaracterized the GCA with the most unsavory, uncomplimentary verbiage by maliciously imputing criminality to the activities of GCA without any iota of evidence. We also note the lack of restraint and introspection on the implication of the releases published by the Italian authorities against the GCA, and its members; an otherwise law-abiding Association duly registered under the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and in some other countries of the world.

GCA’s position on the releases, statements, allegations, insinuations and suggestions of the Italian authorities as contained in the media publications of 18th of July 2019 as it pertains to GCA, have erroneously, and maliciously conveyed the following innuendo, to wit:

• That the GCA is an organized criminal Association, which engages in criminal activities round the world vide their members in a very organized and structured way in pursuance of her cardinal objective of criminal enterprise either in Italy, or anywhere else in the world.

• That the GCA, acting in consonance and in conjunction with her members, run and operates prostitution rings in Italy and in Europe against the laws of Italy.

• That the GCA and her members trade in drugs in Italy and beyond in furtherance of the common enterprise of the Association.

• That the Green Circuit Association is a sinister Association formed with the common purpose of circumventing international and municipal laws round the world, in furtherance of a more sinister and criminal purpose for profit.

• That the members of Green Circuit Association are criminals, social misfits and dangerous to other law-abiding citizens of Italy, and/or other countries in the world.

We further state that the innuendo intended, and which is inherent in the statements of the Italian authorities were that Green Circuit Association and/or her entire members are criminals, odious, dangerous, outlaws, reprehensible, condemnable and organized to terrorize, corrupt and disrupt the peace, well-being and sanity of the Italian society, and indeed, anywhere else in the world for their nefarious common purpose, and in pursuit of their unlawful enterprise.

Your Excellency sir, for the avoidance of doubt, the members of the Green Circuit Association are very decent, responsible and law-abiding members of any society in which they found themselves. They are well educated individuals with genuine, lawful and honourable aspirations in life, and are found to be engaged lawful and honourable employments and engagements in both the public and private sectors of the economies of Nigeria and other countries.

The GCA like every other Associations with membership spread across the globe, maintains a policy on ZERO tolerance for criminal activities including drugs, prostitution, human trafficking, organized crime, gang/mob related activities, etc, to the knowledge of all its members, and as part of its civic duties to every community within which our members live or do business. All GCA members are required to comply with its policies in conducting the affairs of the GCA anywhere in the world.

Suffice it to say, and most importantly too that the GCA does not control the personal, professional and private lives of her members; in the same manner like other international organizations do not do; beyond imbibing the principles of self-discipline, respect; love; and the pursuit of the attainment of the highest degree of self-belief and self-worth. Indeed, it is an anathema for a GCA member to indulge in criminal activities and continue to remain a member of the GCA.

We wish to strongly make the point, that there is no connection between the GCA and the allegations of criminality made against the individuals announced by the Italian authorities. It is quite unclear at this point to discern what the intentions of the Italian authorities are, other than to believe that they are out to engage in malicious falsehood and unwarranted media trial of the GCA for no lawful reason.

We reiterate for the avoidance of doubt that the objectives of the GCA are within the confines of the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the laws of all other countries where our affiliates and members are registered as a civil Association. The GCA does not engage in, nor condone criminal activities as erroneously suggested in the releases made by the Italian authorities.

The GCA is therefore shocked at the lack of respect for the GCA and the private life of its members when the Italian authorities engaged in the unlawful act of spreading malicious falsehood against the GCA in the releases made to the press with the allegations made without substantiating the allegations.

Your Excellency sir, we state without any equivocation that the reputations of the GCA and her members have been greatly impugned, defamed and grossly undermined by the prejudicial and obnoxious stigmatization of the GCA, by the malicious and false statements or releases made to the press by the Italian authorities in respect of the publications of 18th of July, 2019 without valid reasons.

We trust that the Italian authorities will retract the unsubstantiated false allegations made against the GCA; the subject of our letter herein, while we encourage the Italian authority to seek out every individual engaged in acts of criminality, and apply the necessary laws and sanctions where they are found culpable and in breach of the laws of the place of residence. Nevertheless, we must place on record that it is grossly unfair and erroneous to malign a legitimate Association of individuals, with its corporate personality, with the acts of a few individuals carried out in their individual capacities, and to further impute benefit on the corporate entity where there is none, as was the case with the press releases, the subject of our complaint herein.

May we hereby request for a meeting with you, to put this unfortunate stigmatization and profiling in proper perspectives. We further request that the applicable authority to as a matter of policy, register the Green Circuit Association, within the purview of the relevant laws of Italy, for proper monitoring of the activities of the said Association, and dispel the erroneous categorization with criminality for good.

Finally, we urge you to thoroughly investigate the said arrested suspects in accordance with the relevant laws of Italy as soon, as possible, and penalized them in accordance with the extant laws applicable, if found culpable of any criminal act.. We are monitoring the entire process, and shall in accordance with the rules of the Association, expel the suspects from the Association, (if found to be our members), whenever found guilty by the Italian courts, without any further proof of misconduct.

We trust that you will make the necessary representation to the proper authorities in your country for an immediate retraction of the offensive statements as soon as possible.

Please accept our warmest regards at all times.

Yours Faithfully,

Comrade Dele Elempe,
General Secretary,

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