Yesterday, a Twitter user named Queen shared a story of how she had gone on a first date with a guy only to end up being embarrassed. According to her, they had decided to hang out for the first time by seeing a movie. Coincidentally, her colleagues also wanted to see the same movie on the same day and invited her to come along but she told them she already had plans. She then decided to ask the guy if her friends could tag along, since it was the same cinema and movie anyways, and he said it was cool.

To sum it all up, she expected the guy to pay for her friends’ tickets but the guy only attended to her and himself. For Queen, this was ‘unheard of’ and a big embarrassment.

Read her below.


Nigerians hopped on her post immediately and the comments were anything but kind. See what they had to say about the ’embarrassing’ incident.

But seriously, should you take your friend(s) along with you on a first date?

We all know first dates are generally very tricky and first impressions mostly determine if there will be a second date. There are a number of things you certainly shouldn’t do on a first outing with someone you fancy and we have listed a few with the help of our friends on Twitter.

Here are 6 things you may not want to do on a first date.

1.No talk about your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend; you are supposed to be moving on!

2.Talking about your sexcapades or sex in general might be a big fail, so you may want to lay off that topic till later.

3. These days most people spend 80% of their time on their phones. Do NOT try this on a first date especially if you are really interested.

4. Don’t ask a ton of questions, it’s a date not an interview.

5. Ladies, don’t ALWAYS expect him to pay the full bill. This is debatable especially over here in Nigeria, but would it really hurt if you offer to split?

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