To state that the postponement of the elections took me by surprise is to blatantly tell a lie. I also do not hide my disappointment on behalf of other Nigerians who, for the lack of one to trust, but for the love of country and the bravery attached to taking a decision and taking responsibility for that decision, however stupid it appears, opted to consider voting for the person of Buhari. I was careful not to say APC because there are those that remain loyalists to the party but actually do not believe in the person of Buhari but will still vote him next week anyways. I am talking about people who are not party loyalists and can be objectively decerning.
The last few days had seen me listen to diverse views and get my facts right in respect to who to vote, I wanted to be sure I was using my head. But you know it’s interesting how ‘nature’ helps you to prioritize.
One of the most sensible remedial action the APC can take at this point is for the President to again address the nation on this issue, “play to the gallery” and see if if they can gather some sympathy, just one last time…a very unlikely possibility if you ask me.
As there is absolutely no problem with INEC postponing the elections if there were good reasons to, the timing was absolutely wrong and further shows the dictatorial nature of the current administration and their disregard for Nigerians. And this brings me to the vital statement… APC is losing the election before its commencement. One of the major reason APC must go is to show to these scumbags that you can’t treat Nigerians with disdain and get away with it. The Nigerian electorates are more alive to the power they carry in their votes and 4 years is enough time to prove that the people of Nigeria matter to a government.
The next one week is going to be very dramatic. I am a strong believer that the spiritual realm controls the physical. In as much as the next one week is going to be very decisive along the lines of political calculations & permutations, there is also the expectations on spiritual political prophecies and the direction it will all go.
Now people can understand how politics and policies is the next big determinant of our lives after God.
I traveled quite a distance for this election but now, I can’t even cry. But here is one thing I know…. “Quem Iuppiter vult perdere, dementat prius”- it means, “when the gods want to destroy a man, they first make him mad”. Buhari is clearly mad and has lost control of this country.
I clearly do not see any of this new political kids taking advantage of this situation, they are actually not serious or prepared.
Is Atiku the antidote, only time will tell
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