Hi Olofofounited, I’m sending this hoping you will help me publish as soon as possible. My hands are trembling as I write this. I am the first and only daughter of my dad who is a well to do businessman in Abuja.As a matter of fact, I was adopted as a baby. My real mum was a house girl who got pregnant for a Dutch expatriate in PH.
My adopted parents never had children and they spoil me silly .If not for my colour no one will know they aren’t my birth parents.
Because my mum was a traveling business woman so I spent more of my time with my dad . He would have me sit on his lap and sometimes bath with me till I was 10. I didn’t see anything wrong with his touchy attitude till I turned 16 when he refused me from going to boarding school or a university in another state just so I could be close to him .He forbade me from having male friends and I obeyed him and never had sexual relations with a boy

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I just turned 18 last week and he got me a car and he told me he was proud of me for being a virgin till now. He said I should keep it that way.I was a little uncomfortable and only said thank you dad. Then he started asking me about masturbation, and if I feel the urge to have sex, he would teach me ways to pleasure myself. I was speechless and shocked.
He then said he had other gifts for me but I must promise not to tell mum because she would be jealous. He said it’s for my own good.
My dad went into his room and emerged with sex toys. He told me to go into my room, learn how to use them and if I didn’t understand, he would teach me.
Please I don’t know if this is normal? Should I tell my mum when she returns or just keep it to myself?

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