Hi Olofofounited, Please help me share this with your readers. I've been dating my boyfriend for 4 years now and he proposed in December 2013 and we plan to get married in April. Before him, I dated a guy who I loved so much but was a player. I got pregnant for him and he forced me to have several abortions which I did.

Since then, I moved on but realized I've never gotten pregnant even by mistake for my fiancee. Yesterday, he raised the issue up.He said he finds it strange that all his friend's girlfriends have gotten pregnant atleast once while dating but I never have.He said all his ex have gotten pregnant before.

I picked up a fight and told him I have been on contraceptives and all. Now he said we should try getting pregnant first before marriage. He told me to drop my contraceptives and that since we are getting married anyway, why do I need them.

I'm scared he won't marry me if I don't get pregnant and being an Igbo boy and me Delta, I suspect his mum raised the issue . I'm scared the problem is from me.

Now I 'm 30 and can't afford to lose this guy. How to I make him marry me before letting him find out whatever problem it is I have?

Please help me

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