Akinyele Solchild (Handler Take Over Management)


So i interviewed solchild as a correspondent for  Time Out With VA (TOWVA).. 

In this era of management/ record label issues with brands/artists business not going well , Time Out With VA (TOWVA) PR correspondent (@MisterRedefined) in Nigeria came across a new outfit we’ve been hearing buzz about on social­media “Take Over Management” and the handler of the outfit happened to be someone who’s not so new to the industry “Akinyele Solchild” they spent time hanging out together..

Akinyele Solchild & Mister Redefined

Read the interview below


TOWVA Correspondent:­ Can we meet you sir?

Guest:­ My name is Akinyele SolChild

TOWVA Correspondent: ­Akinyele SolChild?? What does the SolChild stand for? Are you an artiste?

Akinyele SolChild: ­I was an artiste when I came up with the name SolChild, it has been about 6yrs since I tried my hands on singing last. For now am passionately into administrative entertainment business.

TOWVA Correspondent:­ What is the significant of Awolowo Rd, Ikeja to you?

Akinyele SolChild Woo­hoo, for real? How did you come up with that question? Awolowo Rd, Ikeja?

TOWVA Correspondent: ­Yes Awolowo rd, you don’t want to tell me about it?

Akinyele SolChildI don’t like this, but if its mandatory for me to answer, I will just tell you Awolowo rd is a place in ikeja, before Allen Avenue.

TOWVA Correspondent:­ You know why am asking about Awolowo Rd, my research on your person, I found out some sensitive things, and Awolow rd is one very vital one.

Akinyele SolChild:­ Well if you say you did your finding, Awolowo rd is a place of refuge for me, it’s a place where I hide from the garbage’s of life and Lagos.

TOWVA Correspondent:­ You mean the hotel?

Akinyele SolChild:­ f**k it, (CoversFace)

TOWVA Correspondent:­ Is that the head office of Take Over Management? I mean the hotel at Awolowo rd?

Akinyele SolChild Nooooo, it has nothing to do with Take Over Management.

TOWVA Correspondent:­ What does Take Over Management do?

Akinyele SolChild Take Over Management is an entertainment, Lifestyle and Business management company, we specialize in Media Strategy, Brand Profiling/Business Positioning, PR/Publicity, Entertainment brand development, Market strategy, e.t.c.

TOWVA Correspondent:­ Wow. That’s a lot, how long has this company been in existence?

Akinyele SolChild:­ Officially it just began its operation not up to 2weeks, but it has been in the making for about 3years now, if not more than three.

TOWVA Correspondent:­ Who owns Take Over Management? Yourself?

Akinyele SolChild:­ I am the man with the idea, and am a principal partner for the company. Meanwhile I depute as the creative person for the outfit.

TOWVA Correspondent:­ So you have partners in one word?

Akinyele SolChild:­ Yes I do. I am not by myself.

TOWVA Correspondent:­ What was the idea behind the creation of the outfit and why Take Over?

Akinyele SolChild:­ Don’t you find the word Take Over catchy and resounding? I needed a name that will be easy on everyone’s lips, and I want to believe I have chosen right. Take Over. And for what inspired the creation of the outfit, we live in a country where there are so many ideas, talents, hunger and few or none is managing ideas for the creators, at that has left so many big things die in the hands of the creator because our management culture here is bad. So I sat down one day and thought about it, if there is an outfit that all it does is manage people’s talent, business, ideas and creations, it will help a lot our society has we will someday be proud of how much a particular little idea grew to a big thing because there is management and overseeing that has helped it to grow and not wither. So Take Over Management is an Avenger of our bad maintenance culture.

TOWVA Correspondent:­ What do you tend to gain from doing this? Is this a patriot call for you?

Akinyele SolChild No really, we are doing it for business, even as we help to fix a problem , we are entitled to some fulfillment. They say find a problem, create a solution to it and be what?

TOWVA Correspondent:­ I get you. So Entertainment? Lifestyle? Business? How do you work?

Akinyele SolChildYes entertainment, we have seen talents not maximizing their careers, investors in record label’s not maximizing their investments, we have seen events come and disappear, we have seen a lot of mediocrity in the entertainment industry. All these aren’t because these listed items haven’t done well for themselves, but they lack technical, versatile and creatively strategic handlers to help them reach their goals. I am an hotel person, I have seen hotel services a mess, I am sorry even the self­acclaimed 5stars here in Lagos, Port Harcourt and Abuja fail to live up to standard, you cannot blame the investor but the handlers of the business. Some are even doing to the best of their knowledge, meanwhile there are even bigger things that can be achieved but they are limited to the exposure of the handlers. So much and more like that for lifestyle businesses like hotel, nightclubs lounges and hang out spots. Then business, it is one thing to have a good idea of business, it is another thing to be able to position it well for maximum profit, sometimes you need to have a well defined profile to help you locate your customers, clients and consumers. These and more are what Take Over Management has decided to change in our society.

TOWVA Correspondent:­ This is interesting, so it is about helping people to achieve better result with their acts, business and ideas?

Akinyele SolChild Yes our priority is to maintain people’s ideas, business and investment. Helping them to achieve better and best result. There is this thing called reaching your height and maximizing result.

TOWVA Correspondent:­ I want to believe there are people or companies doing all these and what are you bringing to the table that is going to be different from what they have offered?

Akinyele SolChild:
­ Picking my bite from the entertainment industry, I have to say I don’t think there are management outfit doing or will offer what Take Over Management has to offer to an artiste, entertainment industry investors. If there has been as you have said, then they don’t really know their job cause I want assure you that the Nigerian entertainment industry has no flavor when it comes to talking about management. I can start pointing our failures but it is not what I am here to talk about, but my outfit and what it has to offer potential clients.

TOWVA Correspondent:­ No feel free, if you mention the shortcomings and you fix it, it will help potential clients to see you as a better option to their managements. Or what do you think?

Akinyele SolChild I swear I get you, many that knows me would know am not a type that is scared of sharing my views and pointing out people’s shortcomings and I have spent so many years before finally deciding to start my outfit to fix those problems, if you follow my social media pages, you will see a lot. My critiques are on your favorite entertainment blogs, http://www.ent-­redefined.org/tag/solchild/ x http://olodonation.com/tag/akinyele­solchilds­review/ and my Friday analysis show on Eko89.75 Fm where I address a lot of things that has to do with entertainment and lifestyles analytically. The entertainment industry is a stereotype industry. Talents and Ideas are not well managed by managers who understand or are duly creative.

TOWVA Correspondent:­ Akinyele SolChild is @solchildtweets on Twitter and Akinyele SolChild on Facebook by the way, you can check for his stuffs there. So who are your role models in the management industry here in Nigeria?

Akinyele SolChild: ­Nobody from the entertainment industry, but am a big fan of the RED Team, Debola Williams and Chude Jideonwo, these pairs inspire me a lot.

TOWVA Correspondent:­ Not one person is your role model, what about these pairs you just mentioned?

Akinyele SolChild I can understand how that respond will sound to you, but am just being honest, kosomono in the entertainment management that has achieve enough to be a role model to what I will be bringing to the table to help the industry to move forward. But yes those pairs are the brains behind RED Media, if you are amongst the few people that is wondering how President Buhari got so appealing to Nigerians to have voted him aside from all other propaganda’s employed, the RED Media duo of Debola Williams and Chude Jidenowo played a big role in his image branding/management, when it comes to corporate management, those guys have my respect. Though they are not perfect but appealing to my soul, I look forward to work with them on their Future Awards someday soon. With some wonderful creative ideas, you will be amazed what the collaboration will achieve, RED Media & Take Over Management on the next Future Awards event. You people won’t be ready for the big big big I can’t even say it here.

TOWVA Correspondent:­ What is Take Over Management bringing that hasn’t been done or will be different?

Akinyele SolChild:­ A lot sir. So much, that even words can’t explain but result will answer all these. You know the big problem of the management department of our entertainment industry?

TOWVA Correspondent:­ What?

Akinyele SolChild:­ Lack of idea of what to do, people that has no clue what it takes to manage particular projects are the one having the opportunities and you cannot expect them to do anything heard bursting, no be fluke, if it’s not white, it is not white, abi you don see light white? Dark white before? And for those that have little idea, they don’t get the freedom of expression. Take Over Management would like to be one amongst all that would not be deprived from being expressive, creative art is wide. You cannot achieve the exceptional things when your mind, ideas and acts are over­ruled by a particular cliché…

TOWVA Correspondent:­ *Cuts In* So what do we expect from Take Over Management in the next couple of years? End the career of the handlers before you?

Akinyele SolChild A lot of achievement, isn’t it a shame to us that our biggest brands out of here are going out there to pen deal with international handlers? Disturb’n London (Wizkid) and news just broke some days back that Tiwa Savage has just made a move to be under Roc Nation after a disastrous one with flopped TeeBliz’s 323 Entertainment. The internationals don’t need a Nigerian handler to penetrate into our industry, so can we penetrate into theirs without having to pen management deal with them if our handlers here are up to the task to help us shine. Asa’s handler is not a white person or International personality, but a local girl from Nigeria, last time I checked. TOMC is ready to work with anyone. We are not coming to be celebrated on Social Media, we just want to change the story of the industry. We just want to see our brands, varying from entertainment to Lifestyle and Business flourish. I emailed Brymo some years back asking him to allow us come on his team , most times our brands handlers are the enemies of their careers. I can remember when I came up with an idea for Otedola’s daughter, Dj what is that her name again, but never get to work, am not bitter about not given the opportunity but just upset that from that time I did contacted them and years after, they probably haven’t done much that will make me feel they never needed me that period I contacted them. And the problem these brands face is either they are not ready to be great or their handlers won’t allow them be great because they never want someone with idea to meet their artiste, brand or investor just because what I call, no come pursue me from my work­chop.

TOWVA Correspondent:­ How do you intend to deal with that?

Akinyele SolChild We aren’t here for competition, though our strategic plan is to be the best out here. We are ready to work with everybody, all of them. They can enjoy the hype, we will be the brain behind their success. We are not here for the hype, we have nothing to do with the hype. They can give us the duty to effect the best and appropriate things, and yes at a price that will be fulfilling. *EvilLaughs*

TOWVA Correspondent:­ What is funny?

Akinyele SolChild You don’t want to know this. (Keeps on laughing)

TOWVA Correspondent:­ If you want to tell, I want to know. (straightFace).

Akinyele SolChild:­ I have always known how much appealing I am to many things in life, even in my social circle. I have in many ways intimidated my friends, innocently by the way. If I should start counting how many of my friend’s admirers(Ladies) that has gone behind them to chase me, and I have to admit it embarrasses me because even when I feel I am doing something wrong, the chaser will always tell me, you are more appealing than him, so it is your gain, don’t feel any type of way, just enjoy the moment. So I will understand pretty well if any manager or person find me a threat to their benefits or space if they allow me come in. I just would just like to say, I am not coming to do any harm, all I want is the opportunity express what I have gathered, learned, experienced in the last 10yrs of my passionate pursuit as an adventure. And I just didn’t start this contacting your favorite brands, ask your favorite celebrities to check their emails; they sure would have received something from Akinyele SolChild. They can search their email using that name. You’ll be amazed how many brands have contacted in the last 3yrs.

TOWVA Correspondent:­ I hope you don’t take what is mine by the way, Mr Appealing..

Akinyele SolChild Hahahaha, no am not like that, it just happens to just happen like that, I am innocent maybe not Idibia.

TOWVA Correspondent:­ Ehn, I no dey o. So you seem very confident with these whole management thing, how did you gather all these skills and confidence? Did you study management, what is the source of your knowledge?

Akinyele SolChild: ­Some people are born into fortune, some are born with exceptional gifts. Maybe if am allowed to use this analogy, I feel like I have similar story like that of Jesus in the bible, he was born with an exceptional gift. Everyone on earth is given one special talent to go explore freely, although knowledge, experience and understanding is earned. I have earned all I know today in the hardest way. I didn’t study management or creative art, the course I major in Uni days was Computer Information System. But sometimes we are pushed by pressure to be respected by the society we find ourselves doing what everyone has done, and at the end it has ruin the real essence of some people on earth. I won’t have learned all I know now is school, it was self discipline and tutor that has shapen me to be who I am.

TOWVA Correspondent:­ So you agree with dropping out of school to pursue passion?

Akinyele SolChild I 100% support that. If you have been able to align yourself to a particular thing and that thing you are not getting the knowledge in the University you are studying, feel very confident to drop out and pursue your passion, but know that if you fail, you have nothing to fall back to, so that will even encourage you to give it all that it will take to achieve and convince the world and the society that your decision didn’t ruin you.

TOWVA Correspondent:­ Are you a drop out?

Akinyele SolChild Since you are suppose to be a journalist, find out about that. Use it as news someday.

TOWVA Correspondent:­ Who are your best , favorite brands (Entertainment, Business and Lifestyle) at the moment and do you have clients you work with already?

Akinyele SolChild My fav brand Entertainment are KueBounce, Enny’s, Mr Eazi, maybe Muno and Zayo. Business outfit Bank Of Industry and Lifestyle outfit Quilox Night Club.

TOWVA Correspondent:­ I don’t know some people on that list, are you working with them? Why no Wizkid, Tiwa, Dbanj and Davido?

Akinyele SolChild:­ They don’t have my interest as much as those listed ones, in my opinion them (Wizkid, Tiwa and co) aren’t really fabulous but they are successful. They inspire me, they aren’t on my favorite list. And yes the list up there, Take Over Management (TOMC) is in work with something with them, and you will f**k with them all sooner than you can imagine, cause they are going to be taking over the hemisphere of media. #NoteThemAll and yeah I without forgetting I f**k with the Aquila Team, Happy 1st year Anniversary, big s/o to Ibrahim Skillz and the boss himself Shiner Peller. #Respect.

TOWVA Correspondent: ­Hmmm Take Over Entertainment.. Hmmm

Akinyele SolChild:­ Nah Take Over Management Company it Is bruh.

TOWVA Correspondent:­ It’s a pleasure to have you Akinyele SolChild, you make me feel hyped looking forward to see your Take Over Management achieving all they wish for. My eyes are on you guys.

Akinyele SolChild: Thank you, It’s an honor to have this platform to express myself too.

TOWVA Correspondent:­ Maybe we look forward to work with you here too.

Akinyele SolChild Everyone is invited to come taste from our delicacies. We are not selective, so far you have a problem that we are able to fix, and we are down for work.

TOWVA Correspondent:­ So that is it guys, Take Over Management Company is a management outfit, they render services to Entertainment, Lifestyle and Business brands. Don’t forget to check up & get more updates from TakeOverManagement.. Follow the harshtags on social media #AkinyeleSolChildsReview #TakeOverMgt #ControversyStrategist #BrandSpecialist

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