What does Christmas mean to you?

Hello blog readers, fashion lovers, travel lovers, risk takers and lifestyle enthusiasts. Christmas season is here, let’s celebrate. Yaaay!!!

Growing up in Nigeria, I learned from my family and friends that Christmas is a day we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. On the special day, 25th of December to be precise, we wear new clothes, shoes and look extra good. In the morning, we go to church to celebrate Jesus’s birthday (that was what we called it). After which we go back home to eat jollof rice and chicken.

Nowadays, we have adopted the western culture and tradition of Christmas which is mainly sharing of gifts and family time.

“What does the Christmas Season mean to you?”  A question I had the opportunity to ask when I interviewed my colleagues at work and my church family. They all sure had plenty to say.

Let’s start with my colleagues’ then move on to my church family before ending with a summary.

Janet is a Christian. She believes it’s the time to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and renew hope. She added that “Jesus came to earth to save us and give us hope”.

Georgette also sees the season as the time to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ but added that it is the time to share gifts and spend time with family. She enjoys the fact that her family eat together, decorate the house and tree together. She enjoys the music and lights as well.

Lea sees it as the season for love, hope, peace and joy. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, she sang. She said “It is the time when my family come together to celebrate”.

Gil had a different meaning to the season. In a laughing tone, she said “Christmas means nothing, it brings families together, I think?” hmmm ok Gil tell us more….

Over to my church family, I am sure readers will believe it will be all about the gospel for my church family.

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Daphne who happens to be one of my mentors sees the season as a time to spend extra time with her family. Above all, it is the time to celebrate the coming of Jesus Christ in human flesh to give us hope.

John said “it is a time for me to reflect on things that I am grateful for”. He also sees Christmas as the season to spend time with family. He concluded by saying, its about Jesus Christ and how He is there for us, in good and hard times.

Jill celebrates the promise of Jesus Christ. To her, it’s the time to bring her family and friends together to share blessings.

Jessica is a high school student. She celebrates the coming of Jesus Christ to earth to fulfil the prophesy. It’s the season of joy and celebration she said. Hmmm did she say this because her mum was looking at her? Lol

Gentry had a rather deep meaning about Christmas. While everyone is just celebrating, he sees it as a good time of the year for families to exchange stories, experiences and update each other about their lives.

In conclusion, everyone had one thing in common about Christmas. It is the time to celebrate. Whether you celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ or just having a family gathering, Christmas is all about joy, love, hope and celebration.

Christmas is here again, let’s celebrate!


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