Found this interesting piece on Tx so decided to share with you all…

Forgive me if you find that my taste in music is of an unusual and rare kind. Daddy raised me to country, jazz, reggae, high life (evergreen classics) and old skool pop/R’n’B jamz. That should explain my recklessness whenever I have to write about Nigerian music right? Of which, I only started paying serious attention to them like some 4, 5 years ago… bite me!

Anyhu, don’t hate on my list. I wanna know those NEW ERA songs that you just can’t forget in a hurry.
PS, don’t restrict your list to only songs with commercially acclaim.

1. Love Me [DOWNLOAD]


Before Mrs Billz grew into this phenomenal force that she is now, some of us had been following her since her days of vocal covers on YouTube and trying out for X-Factor UK where she placed third in runner-ups. Back home in Nigeria, alotta femmes were doing a variety of things, but their efforts didn’t seem enough to usurp the spotlight from the hommes. Then came Tiwa, well-prepared and ready for an epic takeover. Love Me was her second official single where she unleashed vocal fierceness almost like Beyonce back then would do and she even put up a darn good show while at it. She served us legs, a tight hot shorts and plenty skin. Her sensual pop offering made all the gals dem sit up!

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