Last night in the United States, the second presidential debate between Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump held at the Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, and ABC News’ Martha Raddatz and CNN’s Anderson Cooper served as co-moderators.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump didn’t shake hands at the beginning and they butted heads a number of times, about the leaked tapes in which Trump makes a number of disgusting comments about women, foreign policy and the fact that Trump didn’t pay taxes for a number of years.

While there were more ugly moments, the debate ended on a slightly nicer note. Participant Karl
Becker asked what the two candidates admired about each other, and it drew some laughs from the crowd.

“Well, I certainly will , because I think that’s a very fair and important question,” Clinton said. “Look I respect his children. His children are incredibly able and devoted and I think that says a lot about Donald. I don’t agree with nearly anything else he says or does, but I do respect that. And I think that is something that as a mother and a grandmother is very important to me.”

Trump replied:

“I consider her statement about my children to be a very nice compliment. I don’t know if it was meant to be a compliment, but I’m very proud of my children, and they’ve done a wonderful job and they’ve been wonderful, wonderful kids, so I consider that a compliment.

I will say this about Hillary: She doesn’t quit. She doesn’t give up. I respect that. I tell it like it is. She’s a fighter, I disagree with much of what she’s fighting for, I do disagree with her judgment in many cases, but she does fight hard and she doesn’t quit and she doesn’t give up and I consider that to be a very good trait.”

Meanwhile, US celebs took to social media to share their thoughts, and they covered everything from the tapes to the fact that Trump was creepily hovering behind Clinton for most of the night:




Source – x17online

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