Timaya may never again help any fan who tags him to a request on social media.

Today, the singer responded to a call for help by a ‘fan’ who told a moving tale about how she was on the verge of dropping out of school because of unpaid fees. “Send me a DM,” Timaya immediately replied to the request, and the excited fan erupted in thanks, prompting other Nigerians on the page to shower the singer with praises.

But, not long after, an Instagram user called out the help-seeker for fraud.

“Please, it is a scam. Don’t give anybody money o. [She] is a scammer. She took my pictures from my profile,” said the Instagrammer whose photos were being used for fraud, and then she asked other commenters to report the account for violating community rules.

Upset, Timaya chirped in a comment that probably has ended any fan’s hopes of getting help from him. “[You see why most people don’t help,” he said.

This is not the first time people would be caught catfishing or telling false stories to obtain funds/favours. A similar case was when a South African woman fooled Bonang Matheba and other South Africans with a story of how she had contracted HIV/AIDS and needed financial help. Many people donated funds until Matheba and her team discovered she was a fraud.

See the exchange between Timaya and his fans:

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