During the day’s exercise session, the housemates were heard discussing about Luis and his intentions to leave the big brother house. They discovered that Luis had slept outside the house and had ringed the bell in the morning signifying his intention to enter the diary room and subsequently leave the house.

JJ and Idris went to him and tried to convince him to reconsider his decision and not to give up. After talking to him, they walked out of the diary room together. Luis had earlier packed his bags making his fellow housemates more than sure that he wanted to leave the house. Idris had spent all morning trying to convince Luis not to leave the house telling him that his decision wad not a good course of action as leaving the house at this time was futile.
Alusa also chipped in by telling all the men in the Big Brother house that they need to lookout for each other making sure they avoid this kind of issues by being their brothers keeper just as they did for Luis. Luis seems to have calmed down as the urgency to leave seems to have reduced.

More so, Tayo has a somewhat unique phrase which he continually repeats during conversations with his fellow Hotshots. He has been heard repeatedly “Are you mad? ” during discussions with other housemates. Though he seemingly doesn’t mean it in a bad way has he says it in good faith, it however seems his repeated use of the phrase has rubbed off both positively and negatively on the housemates as some of the housemates find it amusing while others have challenged him as to his use of the phrase.

Worthy of remembrance is Big Brother Housemate Mzansi’s Mzamo who was used to saying “You get what I’m saying?” as a way of asserting his views and making sure that the person he is involved in the conversation with understands him. Tayo in the same spirit also seems to be using the phrase as a form of inquiry from people in a hilarious manner.
Meanwhile, Tayo seemed to be in top spirit all day as he sang and later joined his fellow housemates including Alusa, Idris, Macky2 and Mr.265 in the kitchen for breakfast. He seems to have toned down by the look of things with his fellow housemates enjoying being around him as he creates a fun filled atmosphere.

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