Asa is a beautiful singer and beyond the music, she is also a beautiful African woman who expresses herself mostly in her songs.

We didn’t get to see a whole lot of photos of the singer until recently. TY Bello shared this photo of ASA looking like a goddess and her caption reveals it’s a shoot for Iconic Vanity Magazine that celebrates the African woman.

TY Bello captioned the photo with:

I get really excited when ever I’m asked to shoot an artist.. I know I don’t know what I’m going to do … Not in the least … This makes me really … really nervous…and I love it.
I let the nerves take over till I can’t take it any more.. Then I pace around the studio to counter it… I do what ever I need to .. Till my mind gets from nerves… To peace and finally , but more importantly to PLAYFUL…then I LISTEN.I give myself permission to run with the thoughts that come to me .. No matter how silly or mundane they sound. I’ve learnt to trust the Voice.
With Asa .. The Words were ..FLY .., SOAR.., BLOOM. I knew the Voice was right when she started to dance to ‘No worries ‘ by @nosaalways . Or when she stood ghostly still … As if in anticipation of ‘something ‘when she wore more structured clothes.
Asa is a true artist. I know this.. I knew this the very first time I saw her eleven years ago..She’s the real deal.
It was a beautiful surprise for me looking back at her images as I edited ,when I realized that the flowers that I put behind her at the shoot to represent her blooming actually looked like wings. .. Like budding wings .. And sooo…. The Voice is right again..Asa is in bloom.., ready to take off. ….Yet again #tybellophotography #riasolanke #photostories #music #iconic vanity

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