Hypocrite? Bieber receives award

While performing in Jacksonville, Florida yesterday night, the 22-year-old singer decided to finish off his performance of his hit single Sorry by splashing about in the water on stage with one his dancers. The duo appeared to be imitating Beyonce and Kendrick Lamar’s Freedom Performance at the BET awards when he suddenly fell flat on his back. You can watch Beyonce’s performance here.

See the video below.

This won’t be the first time Justin will fall on stage during his Purpose Tour. Earlier this month, the singer fell through a trap door in Saskatoon, Canada and hit his head in the process. See the video below.

Since  Justin has been captured falling on stage a number of times, fans have come up with funny reasons why the Canadian singer keeps taking a tumble.

This latest fall is definitely because he was trying to be Beyonce. Not everyone can be the divalicious singer!


He probably doesn’t take enough milkScreenshot_2016-07-01-06-25-46-1

He has been on tour for weeks, he needs to rest.


Too much booze?


Or maybe weed…


He probably needs to check his balance.


Punishment for always trying to be black?


And others reasons.


What do you think?

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