Liz made news this week over the relationship advice she gave women via her IG page. In one of her posts, Liz said husbands sleeping with their househelps or friends is not enough reason for women to leave their men. In another post,  Liz also said 99% of women are born as witches, also stingy and heartless. Responding to the backlash she received from some youths on social media after her posts, Liz wrote;

“To some “Indomie generation” online, your case is like a piglet that woke up and ask it mum – why is your mouth dis long and ugly? Pig mum- let’s wait and see how long and horrible yours will be when you grow.. My write-up is not for u, how can i write epistle for generation that 60% of u can’t spell  balloon, your appetite for shisha, codeine and proposal ring is much than to read; you that can blame Buhari for ur delayed menstruation; Wetin I go chop belle full to write for una? Na @sunonlinelies carry me come meet u, you that all you look for in a post is typo-error not the significant message in it, of which you don’t even know the difference between “typo-error, blunder or omission” everything is ” ibon ? ?” you guys made #STOPJEALOUS go viral, ofwhich u dunno they don’t use *BEING* for dogs, u mock ur politician globally for private jet seat crossbelt when u never enter one.. To some pained ladies attacking their fellows, actually i won’t say much cos i know ur problem; all u need is  good F..cK bcos when old ladies lacks that, they turns to monster and hate brilliant and pretty women on social media?.. The truth about my write-up is this: I don’t need to go through Sh!tty things before I write, I’m a story writer and I see couple of pple in pains , Maybe God just feel like using poor me to touch some broken homes/hearts. if you are pained about my write-ups HYPO has more flavour and cheaper than SNIPER you can drink one .HSD”.

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