These applications demand a two-way web integration for communication to take place. This means you need to have a WhatsApp application before you talk to someone via WhatsApp. And to use a WhatsApp application, you also need a smartphone and connection to the internet. While mobile Internet is getting cheaper, I need you to consider the average cost of the smartphone. What if you need to text your brother using a normal phone? Or your sister using a smartphone that does not have internet? This is where the SMS comes in handy. But the telecommunications network are charging a fairly price for 160 characters. So imagine my joy when i heard about Message Station.

The message station platform accessible via is a website for sending free text messages to any number in the world. The website is a dull three dialog box on a white background. The website does not take up to 4kb to load and achieves its simplistic purpose pulling its visitor into a trance that makes you doubt its authenticity. It is indeed a one page wonder. You just input your name, message and the phone number in the appropriate boxes and hit the send button.


Ding! Ding!! That’s the sound of your message at its destination. It is quite easy to manipulate and you can even send a message to yourself and use any name. Of course, some names have been sanctioned to prevent fraudulent use from criminals like ourselves.
I tried using GTbank and the website was quick to point out that “you cannot use this name”.

The owners made it even better with its bulk SMS feature also available for free. This is indeed an incredible platform that can evolve into something great in the near future.
As for now, Join me in enjoying the freebie while its last.

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