By Braimah Abdul Rasak 

Gberefu island located in Badagry area of Lagos state Nigeria. Is a beautiful coastal settlement with green vegetation, tall coconut trees and beautiful beaches.

Gberefu island is a nature beauty, but behind the beauty of this island lies an ugly past. This island was once a slavers bay and a sailing point where thousands of black Africans where shipped out. Those who have appreciable knowledge of history about the trans-Atlantic slave would know the importance of this island.

Gberefu island was the gateway where thousands of Africa slaves most especially around the Bright of Benin where transported in chains out of Africa never to return to their fatherland. Many people lost their lives been transported to the New World in ships where they were packed together in tight prison space. Those who died on this gruesome journey where thrown into the sea to become food for the creatures of the sea.

A visit to Gberefu island takes you on a journey to the past to have a feel of what Africans went through. A first stop is the Seriki Faremi Williams Abass slave museum, where visitors are taking round the slave cell. From there, visitors board boats following the same route that take them straight to Gberefu island. A walk from the jetty following the same route the slaves where made to follow lead you first to the Well of Attenuation, this well is believe to wipe the memory of slaves before they are taking to the beach (Point of No Return) to board ships that take them to far away foreign land across the Atlantic.

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