It is not any secret that 9ice and Linda Ikeji do not see eye to eye and when saw the opportunity for a punchline, he used the rumours surrounding Linda Ikeji.

In his new single, At The Moment, 9ice sang, “At the moment I want more prosperity. I dey feel like Linda Ikeji, many money wey dey come from Dasuki” referring to rumours that Linda Ikeji might have been a recipient of monies shared illegally by former NSA, Sambo Dasuki.

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This beef started as far back as 2013 when 9ice announced that he does not want bloggers to make his song available for free download. He advised that the song could be uploaded for streaming then linked to a sales page for fans to purchase. Linda Ikeji in return ridiculed the singer in a post saying “Lol. This 9ice sef! Well, you won’t have to worry about me that’s for sure. You will probably have to pay me before your song gets on here! Hehe…

9ice responded saying “I will kill… I will fight anybody that dares put my song on the Internet for free!,where was Linda Ikeji when I was out with my first album, Linda Ikeji who are you, I don’t even know her, Linda Ikeji if you are expecting a dime from me, fa fa foul, You pay me before you upload my music,”  in a video published online.

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