In order to make a professional makeup at home, you will need professional tools. In this post, we will tell you about 6 types of makeup brushes you will need, and how to use them right. Also, don’t forget that on Jiji you will always find quality makeup brushes of any shapes, so you can easily apply your dream makeup!

Concealer brush

This flat brush has a round shape and is ideal for applying concealer, primer, or other product to cover the area around the eyes and on the wings of the nose.

How to use: apply concealer with soft massage movements using fingertips and then use a brush to a full merger with the skin.

Brush for blush

Beveled tip of this brush is ideal for even apply of blush, highlighter and powder, as well as for feathering and sculpturing.

How to use: in order to achieve the effect of clear cheekbones, draw a line from the middle ear to the corner of the lips, using the sharp edge of the lint brush for blush. Move from bottom to top to make the line of the cheekbones clear and neat. Want to add some shine? Smile and touch the center of the cheeks with a tip of the brush for blush. Continue until the blush will be evenly distributed.

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Lipstick brush

This brush has a soft wedge-shaped and tightly packed bristles that allows both making a clear lip contour and applying lipstick. Just put your favorite lipstick on a brush and close the cap – now you can wear it your purse and correct make-up at any time.

How to use: apply the lighter shade of lipstick to the center and the darker one to the edges – this way you will visually make your lips fuller.

Eyeliner brush

Use this brush to apply eyeliner and eye shadow. You can use it for both liquid and dry product textures. It has an ergonomic shape and tip.

How to use: start with the fine lines and then add some thickness.


Smudge brush

This dense fluffy brush with rounded tip is suitable for smudging shadows, applying pigment, contouring and so on.

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How to use: this brush is ideal as a finishing touch of eye makeup. You will achieve the ideal smudging with smooth transition of colors and without sharp boundaries.


Eye shadow brush


This brush has a 2-in-1 design: a small rounded brush on one side and sponge on the other side. Using this brush you can apply cream, crisp or baked shadows in any way you like — dry or wet. Compact brush allows you to explore all eye areas and layering shadows to achieve an even application. Use sponge to apply pigment and smudge it.

How to use: use a small brush for applying eye shadow or highlighter under the eyebrow. Sponge is ideal for shading pencil — even for the most inexperienced users!

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